Want to know a powerful secret that you can use to improve your article production? Think of it as an industrial dimension antidote. This fantastic secret is called: the habit.

Developing better creative habits is part of the best things you can do as a content writer on your blog or that of other bloggers. Let's try a little to see how to facilitate strong creativity, without losing the head. The key is really to develop the right habits.

A storage system for creativity

This system can be presented as a cardboard on which you write the name of your project, and that you will fill as it evolves. You'll fill it with everything in the project: newspaper articles, CDs, videos, books, pieces of articles, notebooks, inspirational photographs, and more.

This is something quite practical, which will help you stay organized. Each project has its box, and there is everything related to the project. You will then be able to jump into boxes as you wish, when you want to get back to working on a project.

As for your writing projects, you will be able to use a good set of word documents, bookmarks, and good folders in which to keep all these ideas tidy. Use whatever you want in both systems, be it physics, logic, or even a combination of both.

Try a little Evernote it seems to me that it will really help the less well organized among you! In any case, the specifics of your system matter little. VSe which is important is that you have one. Your boxes must really contain all your research, your notes, your inspirations, articles, links, etc. You must also ensure the flexibility of this system, so that you can start over, add new boxes, or remove some of them.

A powerful way to have new ideas

One author said in one of his books that: The first steps towards a creative act are like trial and error in the dark: random and chaotic, trembling and full of fear, a lot of seemingly endless occupations; and there seems to be nothing to look for. For me, these moments are difficult.

I look like a desperate woman, tortured by the simple message that rings in my head: " you need an idea "Although I look desperate, I do not feel that way, because I have a routine of letting things happen. I call him Scraping. You know how you scratch a lottery ticket to see if you won, do not you? That's what I do when I start a piece.

I dig through everything to find something. It's like clinging to the wall of a mountain looking for support, a space for a toe, or some sort of traction that will allow you to keep going higher and forward ».

You might wonder if you really need a system that allows you to find inspiration. You say to yourself, " I am a blogger. I create "how" items. My writing is not terribly creative ". But here's the truth we do not often talk about: writing really great articles is absolutely inspiring.

We need inspirations to write engaging articles that stick well with readers. And if you have not had inspiration these days, " scratch A little here and there to find a new idea. Let's try to make all of this easier for you:

  •  Be free in your writing : Just take a piece of paper (Or open a new document), start a countdown of 20 minutes, and simply write. Keep your pen moving all the time, and do not do editing or anything like that.
  •  Read: as writers, we must also read a lot. It makes us better in our work. However, reading someone else's work can also help you discover your next brilliant idea. So, if you're stuck, Take a book and sit in your favorite reading chair. And remember that you have to spend time reading outside of your usual subject.
  •  Immerse yourself in the artistic work of another: visit a museum, attend a dance performance or a concert. Be inspired by someone else's creative efforts.
  •  Be creative ... in a different way: whether you are a musician, painter or singer, or even author, it's for you. Try a little to immerse yourself in the other side of your life, apart from the one that catches your attention. You will be surprised to see what comes out.
  •  Enjoy nature: getting out of the house and admiring nature can be a potential booster for your creativity. Walk the dog, ride a bike or bike, swim a little, etc. you can even sit on the grass for a moment and just watch the cloud ball ...

There are still plenty of ideas about it, I'm sure. I will be happy to read you in the comments.

Find the right shape, and keep it

To find the right form you will need to reassure yourself to pay close attention to the details of your article. Powerful creators have mastered the skills that underlie their field of creativity, and have built their creativity on the strong foundation of these skills.

As creators of content, we must have strong writing skills in our toolbox. If the box is tidy, we can easily implement our ideas " killer When an inspiration passes by.

How to find your good form and stay there?

Read a lot : immerse yourself in great writing, magazine articles, games and poetry. It will give you a solid foundation in grammar, rhythm, syntax, etc. Things you just can't get anywhere else. To keep fit and maintain your writing, you also needwrite a lot. We should write every day, if possible, and even if it's just for a little while.

By becoming a better writer, you will not only have better ideas, but you will also be able to do better each time you are inspired. It's a bit like a dancer who is in shape and taking classes every day and staying in great shape.

At this moment, the abilities of his body are virtually unlimited. This one then becomes able to hold on the best choreographies in the world, and to enter the paths of the great artists by the big door.

So much for you. If you're familiar with grammar rules and have a vocabulary " crazy You can theoretically do whatever you want when you sit down to write. So write a lot, and more. Add the " outdoor work To your creative process.

That creativity is a habit

Being creative is not easy. It takes luck, skills, and perseverance. But we can make our lives significantly easier by developing concrete habits that will establish a solid foundation for our creativity.

Such habits will give you, as the author, a support to keep you, and will reassure you that even if you are temporarily blocked, things will unlock soon, because they are still unlocked.

Your habits will be your seatbelt. An author once said, " creativity requires courage ". He thus admits that we need systems and habits that will facilitate our creativity and that we must be brave. So what are your habits " killer When you want to start producing and transform yourself into this innovative and unique author?

Let me discover them in the comments!