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Blog: Why bother to reply to comments?

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You have certainly noticed that at BlogPasCher we make a point of responding to comments. But is it really worth it?

It may take just a minute to read and respond to a comment, or even just a few seconds. For complex questions, answers necessarily take more time. But the question remains: is it worth it?

Here are the pros and cons of responses to comments.

Reply to comments increases sales

It's really something that is not easy to imagine, but it really is. You will realize that many who buy your products (and even most of them) had to comment on your site.

Who knows ? Perhaps these people are giving their money today because they are grateful for the responses you have had to give to their various comments.

I think that the interest you show people in the discussions you engage with them in the comments, as well as the satisfaction they get from them, increases the confidence they have in your potential offers. The fact that you give them an interest when they don't buy your products is a sign that you will definitely give them that if they buy them!

Reply to comments increases social sharing

On a very popular blog that I browse regularly, a survey was carried out. Those targeted were those who commented and those who did not. The site founder asked them a simple question: “ could you consider the idea of ​​sharing my site on twitter or facebook?« 

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The people who commented were, at 294%, more inclined to share the articles of his blog on social networks.

By responding to comments, you encourage more comments, which indirectly helps to increase social sharing, which should naturally help you increase your social traffic. You will not only have more search traffic and regular visitors, but you will also get social network traffic.

Reply to comments allows you to control your traffic

Each time you comment, you can link to a page of your choice, as there is a field for URLs in the comment boxes.

It also gives you the opportunity to decide where to direct some of your traffic. Commenting will help you redirect traffic to the pages that matter.

Reply to comments takes time

It can take you a significant number of hours a month to respond to comments.

However, do not reduce the comments and responses to comments on your site because by filing thoughtful answers, you get a really positive ROI.

If you like doing things well, do not do a mediocre job in the way you respond to comments. You have to take the time and respond with something that people will want to read.


Above all, let me tell you that it's worth answering the comments. It's so valuable that you should not only respond to comments on your blog, but respond to comments on blogs in your industry. Here's how to point you out in this case.

If you really take the trouble to do it, and do it well, you will see results within a year, and you will like them!

So what do you think of responding to comments? Do you think it's worth it, in light of what I just shared with you?

What experience have you already gained with responding to comments?

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I look forward to hearing from you !

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