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6 reasons to stop you to focus on clicks on your blog

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There is a scary trend developing on the internet. A trend that, if it remains, could have adverse effects on content marketing. It is a simple reality that we do not talk about in our communities.

We must take the trouble tostop focusing on clicks, and focus on consumers or readers.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to focus on conversions instead of focusing on clicks:

1. The click is invisible

It is very difficult to sell to an invisible person. A conversion, even if it's just a newsletter subscription, requires invisible prospects to take off some of their digital masks to reveal identifiable data:eur email address for example.

Focusing on clicks can have the negative effect ofguide your strategic efforts on all prospects instead of focusing on those who take the time to prove themselves.

2. clicks show interest, but not necessarily an intention

Clicks are the digital version of the "Window shopping"More sometimes where there is interest, there is also an intention. Most of the time, however, there is a lot of interest without any intention. This window shopping is happy to test your "clothes" for free, with no intention of buying what you offer today, or even after.

3. Clicks create traps

When you focus on clicks, you will tend to give them as much value as conversions (You will start to think that everyone who uses web traffic will click, like, share, etc.) You will eventually fall into traps that may diminish your ability to convert these invisible digital visitors into visible leaders, and possibly consumers.

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These traps take two forms:

  • First, you start to create and share content in a click-driven way instead of conversions. You think more of articles or sensational titles
  • Secondly, you start creating content for your audience (Looking for the glory) at the expense of your prospects (profit). The ego is a powerful drug. The glory of the net can close your eyes to the negative impact that your content has on your business at that moment

4. You promote your most popular content at the expense of your most valuable content

When you are a victim of click fever, you become a slave to this type of content, which makes the reader want to click first. It can cause you to devalue, and even more, to reduce the sharing of your least popular, but most effective content (in the conversion creation).

Stop for a moment: look at your blog and other popular blogs.

  • Do they use widgets that put their most popular content in the right navigation bar of their blog?
  • Why do they do it?
  • Why do not they show the content that offers them the most conversion in the same place?
  • And you, what do you do ?

5. You invest your time on guest article opportunities that generate more traffic ... and less revenue

When you focus on clicks, you want to create as much promiscuity as possible by gauging it on those clicks. However, even if you achieve your goals by producing as much content that generates a phenomenal number of clicks, when you do an evaluation of the conversions obtained at the end, you will realize that the result is not famous.

By focusing on clicks, you end up even reduce your ability to produce quality content sufficient to drive readers to conversion.

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6. You do not create content that pushes to click after reading

This type of content is totally focused on conversion. It is not written for Twitter. 🙂 It is written to help self-educated shoppers to complete their training in a way that is beneficial to you and / or the solution your company offers to their problem.

That's what turns invisible visitors into visible leads, which you'll be able to start "Feed" and even save as new customers.

Do you have an argument for preferring clicks? I look forward to hearing from you ! 🙂

An author I particularly like to ask asked a question following a discussion on this topic:

If I focus my attention on the content that drives the conversion and neglects the content of awareness, will I not end up harming the previous efforts that led me to be a leader for my generation? Is there no value in popular content that is shared at a higher rate, even if it does not necessarily generate conversions?

The answer is: Nothing is totally absolute in this areathat you focus on what is neglected by most, or even other elements. There is no rule or law that pays off 100% of your efforts. All that exists in the marketing and in sales is part of a delicately balanced ecosystem.

Clearly you can not make Conversion if you do not educate the base. Any relationship follows a series of more or less predictable steps that go through the awareness, Followed by becoming aware, appreciation, and ultimately, the Conversion.

So there is indeed an argument to give in terms of paying attention to what is popular. My opinion is simply this: you can not become a slave clicks. Sometimes, the glory is fine, but the fortune is better. And to become wealthy, you need conversions.

But hey, but hey ... I've said enough like that. 🙂 What is YOUR opinion on the question? Do you think we're really focusing too much on creating popular content in the blogosphere?

As an industry, should we focus more on conversion? In this case, does this mean that we would observe less traffic?

I'm listening to you!

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