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11 Tips for your comments to be noticed on a popular blog

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Do you have any suggestion on how to make a comment that will make the interest come to you? Obviously, a deep comment, well placed and useful is the best plan ... but when there are 100 comments and more after yours, we will not even notice you.

In this article, let me suggest 11 tips on posting comments so that they are not only noticed, but help you build your profile and generate free traffic to your blog.

1. Be the morning bird

One of the best ways to stand out is to get up early in the morning. I know a large number of bloggers who make a specialty to file the first comment on an article and thus manage to generate good traffic. Of course, being first will not help you if you do not have something useful to say, so go further in the article ...

(know that being first will not always help you. It can be a little boring for both the blogger and the readers. There are some who have really hurt themselves by being a bit too greedy and eager to be the first to comment ... without adding value to conversations).

But for a blogger like me, if you post a constructive comment on each of my articles as my friend Michel does so well, then you will get my attention and benefit from certain advantages. (Thank you my friend)

2. Share an example

A great way to add value to a publication made by someone else is to give an example that still illustrates the focus of the article. Most of the time bloggers who write articles like comment " or " instructions ", Well cover the theoretical part of a subject, but often fail when it comes to give practical examples of how it works in the real.

Readers, for their part, really like to have practical examples. If you can give them in the articles, they will be really grateful and will be likely to find out who is behind them. The examples you give may be from your own work, or the work of others.

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3. Add a point

Has the blogger forgotten a point in his article? Extending the article a bit by adding another argument or another point, can add weight to the conversation, and make you notice by someone who is really impregnated with the subject under discussion. Some bloggers will even highlight your comment, and bring it to light. They will even come to add it during a possible update of the article.

4. Do you falsely

One way to stand out is not to agree with what is said in the article, or with comments previously posted. This is not something you will have to do with every comment you make (it's something that could create problems), but it sometimes refreshes to see someone who dares to submit a different idea of ​​what the majority offers.

Of course, you do not have to do it like it's a debate or provocatively. It will be for you to do it in the most polite way possible, and I assure you that it will be the best effect for others.

5. Write with conviction, passion and personality

You will come across some comments and ask yourself whether they are made by people or by machines, or by zombies. When you post a comment, add passion, conviction, emotion. It does not mean that you need to write everything in CAPITAL Or by adding an infinite number of EXCLAMATION POINTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But when an article excites you, leave what you feel penetrate your comments. When you are happy, your comments are happy. When an article makes you angry, do not be afraid to speak a little sharp!

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6. Use humor

As a blogger, if you have articles that receive hundreds of comments, it can be really difficult to browse them all. But the style of comments that often strike, are the ones that make you laugh while you're in " fashion Moderation. Although it is true that humor can often be misinterpreted (so be careful when using it) and offend, it is nonetheless true that it is noticeable.

7. ask a question

Often, the comments that get the most feedback from other commentators are the ones that ask a question. A question necessarily asks for one or more answers. And of course, we all want to answer, do not we? The questions create a certain stop and push people to give a new orientation to their thoughts. Even if they do not answer and comment on the article, it still creates a stop and they even come to wonder how they would have answered the question you ask.

8. Put your comments in shape

You still have to do it with measure because you could be taken as a spammer. But a subtle and intelligent use of formatting for your comments can easily catch the eye in a long line of comments. Some blogs will allow you to use the html, giving you the ability to put bold words, italics, and more.

If you overdo it, you can easily find yourself in trouble, but bold words occasionally to emphasize certain things. Create paragraphs, quotes, symbols, etc. may make those who visit the page take a quick look at your comment. However, it should always be done with measure. For example, you can put different bullets to detail the different points of your comment.

9. Useful links

It's true that posting links wrongly is not my favorite thing, but when a link is really useful for those who read, and it really adds value to the conversation, it's worth the it is worth putting it down. In addition, using links to add to your comment will also catch the eye, as there are some who are looking for links.

10. The size of the comment

All comments on an article are long? Make one shorter. He will stand out. All comments are short? You know what you have left to do !

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11. Lists

You can see a big bend in the comments when someone decides to put in a long and super detailed comment, composed of massive paragraphs. And it can still be very frowned upon when the space available for comment is substantially equal to that provided for the article.

One way to make the text more digestible is to break it into a series of short publications. Keep in mind, however, that posting comments on other blogs can generate traffic, it can also hurt your brand. So be careful with that.

What if you leave a comment about the comments? Right away !

This article features 4 comments

  1. Hi

    Another wise advice, when I started to be interested in blogging, I must say that I had a "bulimia" of information, so I subscribed on many blogs to follow the publications, my box email quickly overflowed….
    So I gave up quite a bit, keeping only the most relevant, (because in general we sort things out quite quickly) so I think that in terms of comments, it's the same ...
    There is no point in commenting on blogs that are not in the subject sought (the one that is important to us).
    Because forcing yourself to make comments just for traffic or otherwise, in general the comments are not up to what the reader can expect, hence a bad image….



    1. Hi ISA,

      Yes you are right to think so and above all, to worry about the value that you could bring through your comment. This is the only way things work.


  2. Hello Thierry,

    I will follow your advice: first to comment, short comment and a question to ask yourself.

    Some SEO and traffic specialist claim that commenting on articles is a waste of time that does not improve site traffic.

    What do you think ?


    1. Good night Michel,

      Personally, I think this approach is only effective when used well. And yes, misused is a waste of time. It is better to spend your time writing content or optimizing your site.

      It is better to limit yourself to 2 or 3 blogs to comment.


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