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How to display custom notifications on your WordPress blog

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Have you noticed that on some websites, users receive information using notifications very often placed on the header of the site in question? These notifications can be used to make important announcements, or simply to pass small messages to users. By receiving notifications, users feel more concerned about site activity, which is important for the success of a site.

On BlogPasCher, we use these notifications to promote our offers because we know very well that visitors click very little on banner ads.

In this article, I will show you how to use a notification system on your WordPress site.


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The first thing you have to do will be to install and activate the plugin Simple Notice. After installing the plugin, you will notice the presence of new links on the WordPress user bar when you are logged in.


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To publish a new notification, you must access the plugin via the new links available in the user bar, and you will see an interface identical to this one:


You will notice that several options are offered to you. This is how you can choose the theme of the notification. For example, depending on the importance of the message you want to give users, you will choose a softer color, to a darker theme (usually the red theme).

You can also change the privacy settings and choose whether a notification is visible only to registered users or not. After making all the changes, you will be able to post your notification.

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To preview your notification, you must click on "view notice".

The real advantage of this plugin is the size of its notification bar is large enough to be visible to all users without however disrupting their navigation. At BlogPasCher, we use Hellobar, a free platform that allows you to create your own notification bar.

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