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How to use Facebook recalibration / remarketing on WordPress

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Do you want to use the recalibrate advertising feature on Facebook? Would you like to install this feature on your WordPress blog? In this tutorial, I will show you how to install this feature on your WordPress blog.


Why use the recalibration pixel to boost your Social Research

When you boost your Facebook page with ads, you can select a large audience target. Recalibration allows you to narrow down your audience for better results without spending too much.

You can show your ads to people who are genuinely interested in your website. These people are more likely to respond to your Facebook posts and ads.

What is the pixel recalibration feature

Have you noticed that after you visit a website you start seeing their ads on Facebook? This is called the recalibration or remarketing.

These websites use technology recalibration Facebook, commonly called " Facebook Pixel" page (in French).

This recalibration pixel doesn't add anything visible to your website, it simply sends your cookies to visitors. This allows Facebook to target those visitors who come to your website.

How to create a pixel recalibration for Facebook

You need to start by accessing the Facebook ad management service. Then click on " Tool> Pixels "(Tools> Pixel).


When you click on the button Create Pixel“, This will display a popup. All you have to do is enter the name of the pixel you want to create for your business or product, and then click on the "button". Create Pixel" page (in French).


You will notice a success message with a unique identifier for your pixel.

If someone else is handling the technical side of your website, then you can email that pixel to them. Otherwise, click on " Install Now Pixel“, To proceed with the installation yourself.

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Facebook will show you the code you need to install and on your website. You just need to copy the code. I'll show you how to add it to your WordPress blog later.


How to install the code on WordPress

You must install the code just before the end of the " »On your WordPress theme.

The easiest way is to use the plugin Insert Header and FootersAfter installing and activating the plugin, you need to navigate to the following location " Settings> Insert Headers and Footers" page (in French).


You can paste the Facebook code in the "Header" area and click on the button "Save", to save your settings.

That's it, you have successfully installed the pixel Facebook on your WordPress blog.

Bonus Step: How to create a personalized audience with Facebook Pixel

Now that the Facebook pixel is correctly installed on your blog, the next step is to create a personalized audience for your recalibrated Facebook campaigns.

Custom audiences allow you to target users you may already know about your Facebook ads. These users can be your visitors, users who like your page or users who have subscribed to your newsletter.

Here's how you can create custom audiences on Facebook.

Simply visit the following location on the Ads Dashboard " Tools> Audiences »(Tools> Audiences).


This will display a popup where you can choose the type of audience you want to target on Facebook.

You can choose custom listing, website traffic, app activity. For this tutorial, we will choose website traffic (website traffic).


Now Facebook will ask you which website audience you want to target. You can choose all visitors, those who visit specific pages, people who do not visit particular pages, and so on. You can even create custom combinations.


Then you need to set the number of days that this will be applicable. Finally, you will need to provide a name for the audience. Use something that will help you easily identify this audience.

Once everything is done, you have to click on " create audience To finish your creation of the personalized audience.

Repeat the process for the different custom audiences that you want to create.

How to show ads to your custom audiences on Facebook with the pixel recalibration tool

The real distraction starts when you start to drive engagement with your audience using Facebook ads.

Start by creating a new ad on Facebook. You can run many types of ads for your different purposes, like boosting your likes, driving traffic to your website, increasing conversion and so on.

Depending on the goals you choose, you will be able to target an audience at a certain point during creation.

In the same audience selection section, Facebook will show you your custom audience and you can select it to target your advertising campaign.


That's it for this tutorial. Hope it will allow you to install the functionality of " And remarketing pixel recalibration On your WordPress blog. Feel free to share this tutorial with your friends on your favorite social networks.

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