Want to make your online customer a brand ambassador?

Right after a customer has made a purchase from your website, a significant marketing opportunity presents itself. At this point, someone chose to purchase a product from your business, linking it to your Mark. So be sure to grab this moment.

In this article, we'll walk you through a number of things you can do to turn these customers into your brand ambassadors.

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Then back to why we are here.

How to make your online customer a brand ambassador

Ask customers to promote you

As the introduction suggested, the time to turn customers into ambassadors is right after their purchase. You can simply ask your client to promote your website for you. Here are some suggestions on how to get customers to promote you:


A great way to turn your customers into ambassadors is to ask them to write a testimony. A testimonial, or review, gives website visitors an idea of ​​other people's experiences and why what you are offering is so awesome.

How to make your online customer a brand ambassador

In addition to adding testimonials to your website, you can also ask your customer to leave a review on your products and on larger review websites. Think of TripAdvisor (hotels and restaurants), GoodReads (books) and Yelp (any local business).

When someone has bought something from your website, we think it's okay to ask them to leave a testimonial. For example, in the confirmation email you send shortly after they've actually received the product.

Not only will this help your brand get positive feedback, which new customers will see as social proof of your trustworthiness, but it will also help you monitor things that you can still improve to grow your business.

Google and Facebook Reviews

In addition to comments on your website or larger review websites, why not ask your customer to leave a review on your Google Business page or Facebook page as well? Google and Facebook are probably the starting points for any research that your potential customer does.

How to make your online customer a brand ambassador

Regardless of whether a customer decides to click on the link from your website or Yelp, your Google reviews will be displayed next to your ad in Maps and Search. Which will increase the trust people have in your business. The same goes for your Facebook reviews, these reviews tell potential customers about the experiences others have had with your business.

Social sharing

Another way for customers to promote your website is through social sharing. It's important to make this as easy as possible for your customers and other followers. For example, you can choose to add social sharing buttons or icons on your thank you page that people land on when they're done with their purchase.

By clicking on the button tweet ou share, you open an area with predefined text and a link to your website. Personalize it by adding the product name ("I just bought product X from yourstore.com - it's great!"). If the text is preset, it will literally take two clicks for a customer to share your website and become a Brand Ambassador.

How to make your online customer a brand ambassador

When you have a blog on your e-Commerce website, you can also add social sharing buttons to it. Make it easy to share an interesting blog post, endorse your brand and share your content.

Also, be sure to share your blog posts on social media yourself. This allows your social media followers to share this content with just one or two clicks, for example by retweeting on Twitter.

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When your e-commerce website doesn't have a blog, you can share a category page when you have a sales page or a long-awaited new product! Whether it's a post or a page you share, make sure your content looks good when shared. This will make it much more appealing to your customers and followers.

Appreciate your customers

Even online, you should strive to be that nice neighborhood boutique where you know your customers by name. Maybe not all for the thousands of customers, but at least the biggest or the most loyal 10% of them. It means investing in those customers again. Send them a birthday present, adding additional incentives or discounts. Show them that you appreciate them as a customer.

We keep in touch

But that's not all. It is important to provide excellent after-sales service that will bring your customers back. It could just be a flexible return policy. For example, if you own a guitar store and sell a cheap Spanish guitar, chances are the buyer is a beginner.

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Surprise him with a short tutorial video for simple chords a week after purchase. Send an email six months after purchase with a discount for new guitar strings. It's so obvious, isn't it? In this case, just keep in mind that the obvious probably works.

Some final thoughts on brand ambassadors

In this article, we discussed how to turn your online customers into your brand ambassadors. It's all about soliciting testimonials from them on your website, on the biggest review websites, Facebook and Google. But also by allowing them to share your website and your products on social networks.

How to make your online customer a brand ambassador

To keep these brand ambassadors, remember to appreciate your customers by investing in them and staying in touch. Make sure they don't forget about you.

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In addition to all of the previously mentioned things, it is absolutely necessary that you do your best to provide the best customer experience possible. Deliver on time, or if this is not always possible, communicate on time. Treat your customer the way you want. Make the customer feel welcome in your family!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a brand ambassador?
Typically, a brand ambassador is someone hired by a company to represent their brand and increase brand awareness and sales. However, there is a second type of ambassadors, people who talk about your brand without you paying them. Who are your real customers and who have real experiences with the products or services you offer.

What does a brand ambassador do?

A brand ambassador talks about your business in a positive way, online and / or offline. By posting about your business or products on social media, or recommending your services to other people in any other way. Brand Ambassadors can help you build trust, establish a great reputation, drive sales, and even retain your customers.

How do you choose a brand ambassador?
When you hire someone to be your brand ambassador, make sure that person reflects your brand and company values. However, we recommend that you ask your customers to become brand ambassadors instead of paying someone to promote your brand. It will be more authentic and increase confidence in your business.
Is there a difference between a brand ambassador and an influencer?
Yes, there is a difference. When a brand ambassador talks about your brand, influencers are promoting your products or services by showing people how to use it. Another difference is that companies often have a short-term collaboration with an influencer and a longer-term relationship with a brand ambassador.

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