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How to add events to your WordPress blog

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More and more, I'm noticing that some users don't easily get used to event plugins on WordPress, certainly due to the number of setups and the language barrier.

Today, I am offering you a fairly simple plugin which will allow you to add events to your WordPress blog and which is called " Organize Events ».


This plugin allows you to create recurring events, add a Google Map to them and manage the list of events.

How to use the "Events Organizer" plugin

The first thing to do is install the plugin from your dashboard, Because it is available on It is however true that you can download as ZIP file.


How to add events

After installing and activating the plugin, you will notice a new menu " Event »Available on your dashboard.

events menu

By clicking on it, you will access the list of events created. To create a new event, click on the " Add new Available on the same page.


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On this new page similar to that of writing articles, you will notice an area " Download event Where you can define the details of your event, the date of departure and the end date, the places (I will explain this later), Include or exclude occurrences, position on Google Map.


For those who recently asked me if it is possible to have categories in an event plugin, this plugin will allow you to add categories to your different events, which will allow you to easily group them together.

Once done, click on " Publish To record your event.

How to add places

If most events are held at known locations, then you may need to record these to make it easier for you to create events.

To add a new location, you must navigate to the location " Events> Places ". On this new page, you will be able to see the different places you have created. Click on " Add a new place »To access the interface for adding places.


From this page you will be able to provide the different information about your place (Address, City, State, Postal Code, Country, etc.). Places are important for your events. These are the different places you can use when creating events.

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How to consult your calendar

Still in the menu Event », You will notice a menu« See calendar ". By clicking on it, you will access the interface which displays the calendar of the various events that you have created.


How to add an event widget to your blog

After adding the plugin, a new widget will also be available. This is the " Activities ". You can add it to one of your blog sidebars to present a calendar of the different events on your blog.


How to configure the "Events Organizer" plugin

After installing the plugin also, a new menu " Organize Events Will be added to the large menu Settings ". By accessing the latter, you will notice that it offers several tabs that allow you:

The General tab

  • Add functionalities offered by the event manager.
  • Add an events menu to the " Events »
  • To choose the format of the date
  • To delete past events among others.

The "Permissions" tab

It is in this tab that you can add privileges to the different roles of your blog.


The "Permalinks" tab

Here you can edit the permalinks used by the plugin. For the list of events, categories, keywords, locations and archives.


The "Import / Export" tab

In this tab you can save or load backups of your events. In the export, you can also integrate places and categories.

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Here is what your blog could look like now with the plugin Organize Events ».


That's it for this tutorial on using an event handler in WordPress. Feel free to share the article with your friends on your favorite social networks.

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