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Network Marketing (MLM): Scam or opportunity to work from home?

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  • How to join a Network Marketing Company (MLM)?
  • How to choose a good network marketing company?
  • How to succeed in network marketing on the internet?
  • How? 'Or' What…

In short, these are the questions most people who see in this activity, a real opportunity to earn money and finally achieve financial freedom.

Unfortunately, things are not always so easy, behind the potential for income and the opportunity to work from home that are always put forward, there is a reality that you certainly do not know. You do not believe me ?

Tell me, have you ever heard any of these sentences?

  • Network marketing is the best business model in the world, it's the most viable
  • If you are positive then nothing and no one will stop you
  • You need a big list of contacts to succeed in network marketing
  • You have to recruit again and again to succeed
  • It's not selling it's sharing, recommending
  • The product sells itself so you will not have much to do
  • You must have a big "Why" to succeed
  • If you do what I tell you to do you will have the same results as me
  • This is not a pyramid sale because there is a product for sale
  • You will receive a free and complete training that will ensure you success
  • We are a family and we will take care of you
  • You just have to recommend the product to your friends and the rest will be done alone
  • Not really need to work long, 2 H a day is more than enough
  • This is the best opportunity to become financially independent
  • Our godfather revolutionized the network marketing industry
  • Our products are new and exclusive
  • We have the best compensation plan in the market right now
  • Etc., etc…

You know, there are a lot of myths about network marketing. The truth is there, but to find it, you must look for it and especially accept to face it. For the most part, these are lies invented by "Pseudo-leaders" unscrupulous in order to recruit, scam and ruin any people who would have the misfortune to believe.

The goal here is to seduce without having concrete to offer, then to create a blur around three main variables: cost, risk and value. That being said, let's try to stop on some of these myths (lies):

Mlm Opportunities Scam Best Models Business Money 2This myth can also appear in the form of:

  • Earn 5000 € per week without having to move a finger
  • Discover the opportunity to never work again
  • Discover how I won 10000 € in a month ...

If this really were the case, why are more than 98% of people joining the MLM giving up?

Normally one should rather have the opposite that is to say, 98% of success rate, right? How can one claim that it is an opportunity to make a lot of money when the failure and abandonment rate exceeds 98%?

To earn a sustainable income, no matter the company or the compensation plan, you need to build a network of about 1000 active people. To duplicate your success, these 1000 people will need to build a network of 1 million people. Which will lead you to a network of1001.000 people, so more income and even more work for your godchildren who dream of duplicating this success again. At this stage, they will need 1002.001.000.000 (two billion thousand million people).

Oops! I believe that the world population is only 7 billion people ... There is something wrong is not it?

In fact the money of the few winners comes from the constant inscription of an army of future losers. It's not the lack of limits on the number of distributors that will fix things. If there is one thing that network marketing can guarantee you at least at 98%, it's fine failure.

The network marketing system itself is simply inherently unstable. In fact, all MLM systems are designed to allow only a small number of people to earn a lot of money. So even when I say that it has nothing to do with the MLM, my reasoning is a bit limited. The system itself has flaws like any other.

Rest assured, the people who recruit you will suffer from what I call "Voluntary amnesia", that is, they will simply "To omit voluntarily" to emphasize this detail. Do not blame them once you become part of "System"you will not do better. Unless you are living with the urge to change things. I wish you a lot of courage, because a big building site and many wars await you.

The goal here is to undervalue risk and cost. Do not pay attention to all these misleading testimonials that aim to influence a positive decision on your part. The testimony is supposed to show you that the system is proven and working.

According to you:

  • What are your chances of recruiting as many people as your sponsor?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost you?
  • What are you going to have to give up?

You will take all the time it takes to respond, for the moment, we must move forward.

  • If network marketing is such a good and sustainable opportunity, why are you invited to sign up fast enough?
  • What is the difference between registering now and after, since there will always be people to order?

I let those who are giving you this kind of speech respond to it.

Mlm opportunities scam everyone earn money with mlm 1

So, I did not know that we are clones and we have the same abilities.

This myth can also take the following forms:

  • It's so easy that even a child can do it
  • I know a lady of 82 who has been so successful it's easy
  • We already have more than one million members around the world who live off this opportunity.
  • If I could do it, then you can do it too

Yes, there are some who certainly earn money in the MLM, but they represent only the tip of the iceberg that I remind you is made up of less than 2% Distributors. The rest will give up after a few weeks.

Why do not they ever say that you will need to master the biggest sales principles as well as the biggest marketing strategies? You can not succeed in this field if you are neither a good seller nor a good marketer.

If more than 98% those who do it are doomed to fail, so I think that's the proof that not everyone can do it. We are not clones, so we do not have the same abilities, the same gifts and even less the same assets. Everyone can succeed, but not everyone can succeed in a specific area.

Everyone has their experience and skills, its advantages and disadvantages. Let's say that we succeed only in areas compatible with our potential. Even if it is true that whoever wills, I tell you that faith is not enough.

Several factors come into play:

  • the competence
  • the availability
  • money
  • willingness
  • passion
  • the determination
  • And much more…

Any citizen can become president of his country and yet there is only one place of free. If network marketing (mlm) is so easy, why is not the earth filled with billionaires? And sometimes, to succeed in this area you have to be in bad faith ...

Perfectly duplicable system mlm opportunities scam 1

This lie is closely related to the first and many others. Many sponsors will tell you "Do not try to reinvent the wheel because someone has already done it for you, just work with the system we have set up and you will get the same results as us".

I have nothing against this way of thinking because I know we all need examples at some point to avoid making the same mistakes as those who have started in network marketing before us. However, I wonder if we owe a blind trust to his godfather and the system put in place ...

Well, I think if the wheel I'm using is slow, rusty, or not working properly, then either I'm going to look for a new one, or I'm going to get one that's faster, more efficient, and works properly.

The argument is: "These people have had success with their methods, and if I listen to them and practice what they doe say, so I too will be as successful as they are ». This is true, but only in part.

No success is perfectly duplicable! Whether in network marketing or outside.

For duplication to be perfect, you must meet the same people at the same time, with people with the same states of mind and budgets at the same time. You have to relive the course of the one who succeeded, immerse yourself in his time, in the same socio-economic context, etc ... If you can not relive your own past, then imagine how difficult it will be for you to relive that of another person ...

Let us dwell a little on the context if you will.

This is another problem of perfect pseudo duplication. We are talking about proven methods in the United States, and we forget (by importing the method) to specify that the contexts are different, you simply can not get the same results.

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For example, not all network marketing companies sell directly. There are some that only exist on the internet. So, if you can not do direct sales in addition to the one on the internet, how do you expect to get the same results as the American distributor who can do both?

Why then ask you to apply the same principles while the data is already distorted from the start? You understand that legislation can also be an obstacle to your success in MLM.

What needs to be duplicated in the network marketing is not really duplicated. And here I am talking about:

  • Improving the quality of relations
  • A better understanding of the needs of prospects
  • altruism
  • The competence
  • The respect
  • A better knowledge of the company and the products it sells

Scam mlm opportunities if you do what i say same financial results

Not far from the myth of perfect duplication, this lie very often takes the following form: "Our system is proven".

In fact, the only thing that the system is proven to do, it is to cause a massive failure. You will be thrown into the lions' den, taking care to ask everyone to talk about your product, including those who are hostile to network marketing and those who have no interest in buying your product.

Scam opportunities mlm failure problem motivation

Here is one that we hear every day. The perfect excuse for all these millions of godfathers who have been lucky enough to be above their godchildren, but who are unfortunately unable to turn them into real leaders. They refuse to acknowledge their shortcomings and try to make you believe it's your fault if you do not succeed in your mlm company.

The worst is that deep inside you, you feel that there is something wrong. But you say to yourself how they told you it's just a matter of time, everything will work out, just have a big " Why " and enough motivation and everything will be better. But the more time passes and the more you are disgusted, helpless and frustrated ... And here is the abandonment that is the appointment ...

Listen, you can have:

  • the firmest faith in the world
  • utmost " Why " that we can imagine
  • the biggest motivation of the world

But none of this will be helpful if you use the wrong techniques if you have the wrong approach. In fact, everyone at one " WHY " what you need most is a " HOW? 'OR' WHAT " and especially a " FOR WHO " .

Scam opportunities mlm fail exclusive new products

The value of a product depends mostly on its marketing. With a good marketing strategy you can sell anything. Coca-Cola made a fortune selling tinted sweet water.

McDonald's does not make the best burgers and yet he is the world's largest seller.

The novelty or exclusivity of a product does not guarantee success. If one pushes this theory further, then that supposes that as soon as he is "old" his success will disappear with him. Oh, I was going to forget WITH YOU ALSO!

Believe me, if these products were so good, these companies would not go through network marketing to promote them. In fact most "New" products in network marketing are just improved and renowned versions of already existing products. The worst is that some of these new products do not sell at all.

As we often say: "They need it but they do not know it yet"... I always wonder who is the one who invented such nonsense ... It's absurd!

Tell me, when you enter a hyper-market, do you buy all the products on display or just the ones you need? If you only buy the ones you need, how can you think that everyone needs what you have to offer? Does the product you promote through the mlm cure all ailments? I do not think so.

So be careful with the novelty!

Scam opportunities mlm failure build network place

Oh that's very nice and very touching. Thank you very much for all this love!

If only all this could be true ...

This lie can also take one of the following forms:

  • We have a team of experienced leaders who made a fortune in the mlm
  • Alain Dupont who is a leader in this field is part of our team
  • We are a family and we constantly help each other

To recruit you and especially reassure you, there is a good chance that your future godfather will tell you these things one day. In most cases, as soon as you have finally made the decision to join the company, then also begins your descent into hell.

  • You're getting less and less attention
  • You receive (by chance) a "pseudo" training on tools and resources
  • You are told that you need a big "why" to succeed
  • We explain that you need to generate web traffic to achieve this
  • We ask you to distribute thousands of flyers per week
  • We recommend tools in the wrong order (you only need to have a blog when you have value to publish it)
  • Your sponsor begins to tell you that it's up to you to go to him and not the opposite
  • You find yourself more and more abandoned to yourself
  • Etc ...

At the recruiting stage, we will always do everything to make you believe that everything is easy, and yet the reality is more cruel than it looks.

In this environment, criticism is not always welcome and the real value is very often considered as an obstacle. Team spirit is only a facade, everyone is there for his interests in most cases. As soon as you raise fairly pointed questions about one of the group leaders of your network marketing company, you start to be considered a traitor.

Now that we have recruited you, we can move on to another recruitment, it's up to you to get by because we do not have enough time to devote to you. They are not really bad, they just do not have enough time to lose with you. They need to recruit more people. So is the system.

It is important to recognize that they (the distributors) are not all the same. I met some really competent, caring and trustworthy people.

Scam mlm opportunities sell products direct selling network marketing

Between us,

  • If it's not selling then why are you promised commissions?
  • Why do you absolutely need skills to get there?
  • Why are not we just offering products?
  • How many distributors concentrate their speeches on the real value of the product they are promoting?

If you notice, they will always tell you about the business plan and all the money you could earn instead of meeting your needs by telling you what the product can do for you. Oh, I was going to forget that it's not always the product that interests you.

Go on Facebook, and you'll notice this: hardly you say hello to someone he already answers you:

" Good morning or good evening. If you wish, I offer you the opportunity to earn 5000 € per month for only 30min of work per day. If you want to know more, tell me, I will send you the file here or on your email. It's a world exclusive and a revolutionary new concept. See you soon. ".

I do not know about you, but I do not see any sharing in this attitude. I see only interest and especially someone who speaks of what he does not even control. You are mirrored by a facility that will have the gift of guaranteeing you failure in network marketing. It's not child's play, it's selling products and services.

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New distributors are made to believe that it will be a pleasure, it will just have to work 2H a day and the rest will come alone. Unfortunately, reality has the gift of catching up with those who try to flee it. One of the reasons people tell this lie is because they do not want to scare new prospects.

Let's get it clear once and for all, SELL IS NOT SHARE, SHARE IT'S NOT SELL!

Financial freedoms marketing mlm network direct sales

Many people think that MLM is an activity that can be practiced part-time and in addition to their existing job ... What these people do not know is that network marketing is a full-time job once you have exhausted your social circle (friends and family).

Between us, quote me one job as lucrative (potentially) as network marketing that only requires 30min to work a day ...

Do you have one in mind? I do not hear anything, what do you say? ............

Ah OK, that's what I thought, there is none is not it? To succeed in this area, you will have to work very hard for a long time.

In fact, the freedom we are talking about here is illusory. Only leaders succeed, and to become one you will certainly have to work two to three times more than the others. And I can guarantee that 2H to 3H per day will not be enough to do half the work on time. Unless you are in no hurry to achieve success. In this case, review your life with your creator OK?

  • Who will do the research for you?
  • Who will do the writing of your articles?
  • Who will take care of sending emails to your prospects?
  • Who will distribute the brochures for you?
  • Who will create the Youtube videos for you?
  • Who will respond to prospects messages for you?
  • Will I do the phone calls for you?
  • Who will manage your network for you?
  • Who will accumulate the experience you need to succeed?

Do not rely on your sponsor to handle the generation of your web traffic

This is just a preview, there is more work than that. The MLM is not a party of pleasure. He will never give you the results you hope for if you consider him a hobby.

One last thing: ask your sponsor how long he has started to create his own network and especially how many people make up this network. Then compare these results with the time he put in this company added to his own experience. Do it and you will see that there is more work than it tries to make you believe.

Mlm Opportunities Scam Become Own Boss

This myth often takes the following forms:

  • You will earn so much money that you can finally say goodbye to your boss
  • Money will no longer be a problem for you and you will not even need to work anymore

But if it did,

  • Why does this person who says it to you still work in this mlm company?
  • Why does she still need your money?
  • Why does she work for a network marketing company?
  • Normally she would be at the head of hers no?

Do you smell the same smell of lying?
I feel it so far so much she is strong.

The truth is that if you leave your current boss, it will be to join another. I do not know about you, but I do not see any freedom in there.

Why leave a job that guaranteed you a monthly income to join a company that is unable to guarantee you a minimum of 30 € monthly after 6 months?

Do not be fooled, you will never be your own boss as long as you work for someone else. This is not a party of pleasure. To be your own boss, you have to create your own network marketing business. And no matter if you work from home, you will not be freer than you are now. Those who tell you that 2H a day will suffice are either liars or ignorant.

"It's impossible to take control of your life when you choose to blindly obey others"

Minimum investment failure mlm scam

All this is true, but only in part. You must also consider the following points:
1-The kits - Most distributors are encouraged to buy the largest "starter kit", depending on the companies, this kit will cost 500 €, 750 €, 1000 € and even more. Some companies also recommend training that will cost several hundred euros.

2-Promotion. Paid advertising will not give you any gifts at this level and sometimes you will need a good training. For example if you do not know how to use Google AdWords, you will simply ruin very quickly.

3-Paying courses. Most of my students have often spent up to 2500 € for a private 8 weeks coaching ... It looks like I'm expensive is not it? but as they say, quality has a price. So if you add the paid courses that by far are better qualities than those offered by your company, then it is the note that only increases. Chances are your sponsor tells you they are useless.


  • do you know how to install a blog? what training do you have on blogging?
  • do you know how to set up an autoresponder?
  • who will take care of the personalization of your promotional tools?
  • Maybe the initial investment is small, but there are many other expenses that are simply not mentioned when recruiting.
  • You can also use your earnings to fund the rest, you say, but how long? With what income?
  • Do you plan to do it with the less than monthly 30 € that you will earn after 6 months of work without effective training?

Believe me, the further you go in this industry, the more you will realize that the reality of network marketing is totally different from the one we present to you at the beginning. Expenses will become more and more astronomical.

Mlm Investing Opportunities Get Rich Quick Network Marketing Scam

No one can guarantee you success! Everything depends :

  • context
  • the opportunity
  • your personal development
  • of your competence
  • your approach
  • luck
  • of your money of course

You must be in the right place at the right time with the necessary skill and the best approach. Marketing is not a mechanical process. Whoever says to you: "Spend that amount at a certain time and for such things, and you will have such income" is a liar It does not work like that ! Success, too.

Spending more time, energy and money will never guarantee success. Anyone who does this kind of talk just makes fun of you and tries to take advantage of your naivety. If success were so easy to achieve, it would certainly have fewer poor people in the world.

This myth is very often used to make you believe that it is your fault if you are not successful yet in the network marketing industry. More, how can we blame you for not investing enough while in your recruitment, you were told that the investment is low?

Mlm opportunities scam direct sales network marketing products

This myth can also take the following form:

  • The product is in high demand so you will not have much to do
  • The orders keep coming, you must absolutely benefit now
  • And if the product really sells itself, why does that person who tells you it still try to sell it to you?
  • Do you know a product that sells itself?

Google- Microsoft - Apple and many others have highly sought-after products and yet they promote them. If you do not advertise your product, how do you want people to know that it exists?

The other negative aspect of the popularity of a product is the competition. The history of mlm has seen the birth of dozens of products from the popularity of others. Your profit per sale can be high, but if you do not do enough, then the profit margin loses its value.

You Choosing a high-demand market does not guarantee you the success promised by your sponsor ... Several other factors come into play and complicate the equation, but I'm not here to confuse you so I prefer to stop there.

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Best products mlm company earn money marketing network

Oh? And what to say about:

  • Competition from other distributors in your company?
  • The hundred competing companies that distribute the same products around the world?

Every distributor who joins your company limits your field of action. The more he recruits, the less likely you are to make a lot of money. If you recruit your downline among your friends and family members, they will eventually fight each other instead of expanding sales and networking beyond their immediate social circle.

A market will always be saturated because its radiation is limited. Your product does not solve all the problems of the world so does not necessarily address everyone, which greatly limits your target audience. In addition you are not the only one to offer this type of solution.

There will always be people to consume products it's true, but there will not always be people to consume yours. Network marketing can not guarantee you anything!

Work Residual Income Network Marketing Own Life Boss Financial Independence

The residual network marketing income is based on the hard work of your referrals. It is still necessary that they remain active (they pay their monthly subscriptions). They must also sell products, recruit more people who will replace those already abandoned.

Your success in MLM depends only on the quality of your referrals. It is up to you to train them, to give them the value they need so that they, in turn, build and expand their own networks. If you yourself have no value, it will simply be impossible for you to give to your godchildren. Hence the importance of following a good training.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of training offered by network marketing companies is limited to (sometimes bad) recruitment techniques ... And yet, you need more than that. At this point, it is your eternal laziness that is exploited.

These are not the only myths, however I am not here to crucify the MLM. So, I prefer to stop here. I hope I have helped you understand network marketing.

now, I am curious to know what you think of this article. Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

This article features 135 comments

  1. Hi,

    In part, what you are saying is true because unfortunately recruiters want to convince, at all costs, the individual to work in the Network Marketing industry. Like any other industry, it is not for everyone since a lot of skills have to be developed.
    To be a doctor, you have to study for many years and there are some who change careers after a few years… Will he fail?

    I agree, that most of the people who start working in the MLM industry are not well educated and it is for this reason that 98% of people fail.

    A Network Marketing professional must create a consumer and / or distributor market. So-called “traditional” companies must do it too ...
    Why are franchise companies not seen as so-called “scammers”?
    So you also have to buy a franchise and then sell the product and / or service. Did you know that in addition to the cost of the franchise, the franchisor must pay per month a percentage of his earnings and / or a fixed percentage.

    I advise anyone who wants to earn a fixed monthly salary to stay as an employee with their “boss”.
    But I have bad news, this "boss" is not guaranteed until you retire. You can know unemployment, which lasts between 1 to 2 years… and you are also obliged to change company. If you can't find a company that wants your work you won't be able to pay your bills… so is it a failure?

    There is no perfect path!

    Live your life to the fullest the way you want!
    Thanks for reading me.
    Yours, and be happy!

  2. Good evening Me it's Cécile Vigneau, I share with you this story in order to make you aware for the less initiated of you a little to this type of fairly common scams, I would like to avoid others from being pigeon! I was the subject of a scam on a meeting by a Jean Bernard who at the beginning told me to live in Auxerre in the 89 then after a few weeks he leaves for Africa for business and that's where my nightmare begins. He ripped me off for € 571.000, but luckily a friend kept me company for that. It was then that I telephoned Interpol from France Lyon to make a complaint. I explained all of this problem to Interpol in Lyon, who made me contact a lieutenant general of the Interpol cybercrime police in direct collaboration with the Interpol police. from France who helped me. I was reimbursed for all the money they stole from me followed by compensation of € 50 which was offered to me by the Governor of ECOWAS. I was lucky because I escaped this scam story so I'm here just to make you benefit from this precious help. This crook was arrested him and his accomplices and I managed to receive compensation of € 000. For any scams of which you have been the victim I advise you to do as I did by contacting the lieutenant of the Interpol police Mr Antoine LOUBIER.

  3. This article was published a long time ago, but it is still very useful and useful. Thank you for sharing your MLM experience.

  4. Article extremely well summarized ...

    so for me, I did MLM, I was good and I did quite well, and I quit everything ... for simple reasons ... the MLM is THE way to rip off people.

    IAD, YERS, QSCIENCES, CBD-based stuff, or eco-participation of proximity (to quote them all) etc ... mass recruitment, and many so-called managers, coatch, trainers etc ... a lot of blah on values ​​that are very rarely respected ... many promises on remuneration ...
    the techniques I know, I have applied, to see that in the end we are trained to show the successes, the number and the mass of (little) of people who succeed, but especially by masking the reality.

    Ask yourself, when a leader, you will announce that he has left an MLM network, because he has a fire opportunity and that he is at the beginning because these products, concept, etc ... are super innovative ... how often l did he make this change? how long did he stay on his previous business ...? that it is that personal production ... or that one announces for example 9000 real estate advisers, and that in fact only 2500 with 3000 really manage to live for it or less ...
    short ... attention to you

  5. This analysis is partly correct ...

    But it also has many highly questionable points that suggest that the subject is not under control.

    But thank you, it opens an interesting debate about what is and what is not Relationship Marketing.

    I will take the time to do a fine analysis of each point and make the necessary corrections.

    Bret see you soon!

  6. Hello,

    If an MLM sect uses this method: recruiters form teams that themselves recruit others. The first in the queue recruits, receives commissions on the sales of his recruits. Recruited who recruit, receive commissions and so on. The very first in the queue at the top is a mesh that grows as and when, harass and contact via social networks, by recruiters and sellers, with 2.000 recruited per session, with a tempting poster with Claire Castel, how is the model?

  7. I was "recruited" by a friend to be part of a company of this style on real estate and financial investment.
    They mainly sold paid training to be able to evolve and earn more and without taking into account your intellectual and professional background.
    We always talked to you about the winners of the Loto, ignoring the number of players.
    What was surprising is that "managers" had other activities with other companies and competing products.
    Proof if it is that their activity in MLM was not enough to live well ...
    But to everyone his vision of things and his choice of life..20 years as an independent wealth manager and I was made to understand that I had to start at the bottom of the ladder to "integrate" society and its reality and especially the concept ... When I expressed reluctance and asked questions, it made me understand that I did not correspond at all to the profile sought ...
    Well, some of their real estate partners were selling 20 apartments, which were more expensive than the tax savings market and only for renting and by national networks. And they sold me the ethics of society and love. The exchange on these products was a great moment of friction because the commissioning was around 12% HT.
    200 000 € sales tax gave 24 000 € HT commission to the company.
    I let you analyze the content of the product sold.
    But everyone has their way of making money and loving their customers ...

  8. Yers, is not the scam so simple that some seems to describe, I would like to remind you, among other things, that the pay marketing plan, the Terms of Use and all other legal documents are available here: yers. app / index / legal.html

    If you do not trust your sponsor or the person who told you about this opportunity, there is always reading to make sure you understand the principle.

    At the time I write this message, Yers is still in a beta phase. This implies that you have agreed to join me, a project that is being finalized, whose objectives are clearly written in the PMR and UGC. The implementation of the latest development that will bring consistency to this project, is planned for January. If you ignore all this, it is that you do not document by the subject, there is yet tons of infos and live video of the management team regularly on official social networks YERS.

    If you have "lost" 25eur, you must blame 1er instead of the person who "forces" you to spend it, deliberately omitting or not telling you the truth. But do not blame being in the concept what you do not think it is while you do not master it! To criticize the concept in him-mm, one must have studied at least a minimum, do not you think?

    If you do not believe in ethical and responsible goals and think for a moment that they will not do what they said and write, what would they do ... so yes, you have to totally forget about Yers .... or in a half measure, wait for the (free) customer access scheduled in January 2019 that will allow you to take the dimension of the concept.

    I am not a MLM pro and even more basic, assertive to the commercial of all kinds. I am not against entrepreneurs and constantly watching for new opportunities ... Yers is an opportunity with a much more complex and accomplished vision than bcp imagines.

  9. Hello,
    The real scam that we say is not network marketing is to depend on a boss (a little freer than you) for a SMIC for 40 years and live 2 days a week and 5 weeks a year ...
    See this pyramidal system which is legal, a person in the head, little heads below and still below the employees who work to enrich the head of lineage!
    good luck to all

  10. I had the opportunity to take a bundle to 25e, then my husband to my daughter and his darling, however this kind of system disturbed me, lack of time, I lost 75e and lost 25e to my son-in-law, I only order very little on the internet, so not interesting. finally I paid, paid, to have nothing in exchange! and yet I returned to the opening where there was almost no one, in the end, there was already 10000! above !!
    so very disappointed by this kind of system where you pay dear to be paid a less than nothing!
    I gave up without any regret!

  11. Scam scam to flee, how to give power of purchase when we propose you to take 25 € / month and even 60 € / month.
    We talk to you about buying ethical and eco responsible fashion word assembly and the company is unable to write a charter of good conduct.

  12. Very good article Thierry!

    I think that what Francis wanted to ask is if "Yers", all new in the sector, is based on the same principles?

    There are many things that coincide with your article:

    -the speech on the founding team full of MLM personalities

    -the speech on "making money easily and ethically"

    - the speech of freshly recruited recruits "we are a family"

    As far as I'm concerned, it's mostly a pyramidal crap (pardon the expression) where everyone tries to convince their loved ones to convince their loved ones and so on to fill their pockets. leaders.
    For having discussed with some proud defenders of the new kid, I unfortunately often faced a speech formatted and very vague. It is limited to "rounding up the ends of the month", "give back purchasing power", "ethical cybermarketting" but as soon as you dig, it does not control the subject at all and it probably spits out the same speech as the godfather (or n + 1 as in any pyramidal society).

    So I would like to have your opinion on this new kid also, find out if you spot from the outset the shadowy areas masked mass uninformed and eager for wealth?

    Thank you

    1. Hello Clement,

      I have never tested this MLM and I do not even know it. So I am very badly placed to talk about it.

      My advice: The ideal would be to find an idea to start your own business in your area of ​​expertise. It's more work at first, but it's worth it.

  13. the difference is also between amateurs and professionals .... and that does not matter? not everyone is able to become a professional from one sector or another .. I've seen "amateurs" want to sell tourism or "real estate" (for example) and it's not up to the scope of all ... there are laws, rules, a code of consumption (or tourism for the trip) and when an amateur goes into a sector too often he does not see the risk that engages him as a staff..,

  14. Hello

    Thank you for this article, at this moment there is a new kid who comes to the market "yers" which resume point by point all the articles above, except that this system plays on the ethical side of responsible shopping and it support networks so inevitably young people who spend time on social networks, from my point of view, I see people from iad who create a system with the head their leaders and an army of salesmen to bail their pockets , the famous 98%, and you when you think?

  15. Indeed very interesting, but your reasoning is simply completely FALSE!
    I do not think you dare to publish my answers point-to-point, so I invite those who read you to read other sites. The only thing that is true is that there is still 98% of abandonment today and that is really a shame. I think your articles contribute to the misinformation and failure of these people. 2% this represents millions of successful people worldwide and in all organizations. And that implies that those who follow them succeed with them. Because if in your network 98% of the members give up and well you also fail! So statistically speaking only 2% know how to build a solid network and it is them that must be followed and not you ....

  16. Super article, after remains to find the right MLM, and arrive at the right time with the right strategy. The trick is to know how to federate and to know loyalty, marketing, marketing and even marketing

  17. Hello,

    Very interesting article and which allows to have information to take a step back on the activity.

    I started the VDI activity a little by chance at the beginning of the year and I had a speech almost identical to what you describe - and the testimonies. I admit to being a little disappointed and I feel like I was a little bit ...
    Promises / signature contract at home after a dream speech / "products that sell themselves" - "what are your dreams in life" - "we'll help you, we're here for that it will not bring us anything you've of success "-" Just talk about it around you, it's so good why you do not want to share your loved ones? " etc., etc. The famous shot of "it's like a good restaurant .... Reading your articles I really had this click.

    I quickly realized that it was wrong, when I attended the "product only" trainings and started to market around me I had sentences "but what's your thing? ". In training one is +/- trained to this kind of objections .... and we are surrounded by people who tell of their success - on a small level like the majority of advisors - or the "big ones" who talk about their travels, their villas. This speech always embarrassed me and that of "recruit recruit recruiting".

    The company for which I still distribute a great advantage (compared to most in the MLM and VDI according to my research) is that the cleaning products are really effective and really economical (that we do not do not tell me I'm formatted lol because I really compared and tested). That's what makes me go on and that allows me to sell it rather easily, I never feel like forcing people because the products really serve them and they remind me to recommend, there is demand (no no I'm not formatted lol).

    What really displeases me: it is the part of speech "recruitment" and "succeeded your dreams". In the lot of successful people, there is a good part who really likes the products and who do not try to recruit and continues to make big personal figures. But also another good part that assumes and says "the product is secondary, the important thing is the concept".
    I do not have any contact with my godfather, I understood his game and I can not stand it - I am only one more person in his chain, and I was one of his objectives of the month . If I had another godfather, was a customer for a few years before I started, I will probably have another point of view.

    I hope my testimony is not too long!

    Thierry I wanted to ask you: do you think there are serious and correct companies in this area? With truly effective products and ethics? Or all MLM companies it's the same thing ... I still have a little hope because I've come across a small part of honest people and anti MLM speech within this company.

    I really like to sell my products but I do not try to recruit, unless one day someone wants to get started and likes the products why not, but I will NEVER target recruiting (am I doomed to 'failure?). But after my research, these articles & testimonials, I'm afraid to have been just ... naive.

    Thank you

    1. Good evening Yannick,

      Personally, I think it's possible to get by in the MLM, but it's hard to do "honestly" and stay on the long run. After, everything depends on several parameters.

    2. Yannick, it is often said that MLM is personal development. And in your case you actually need to evolve. You like to sell your products and it's already a very good thing, Now you have to learn to love to pass on your knowledge about the products and the sale. When you also enjoy doing this, it will be easy for you to work on recruiting and training your teammates. And thanks to that you will develop your income. Your sponsor is doing the job for the promise of having a lot of money and you are staying for the products. Your lives and your points of view are different. And it's not important. If you did not like the behavior of your sponsor, be a different godfather!

      1. Hello Annie,

        You say, "... If you did not like the behavior of your sponsor, be a different godfather! "

        At least on this point, I completely agree with you. And I find this constructive advice 🙂

  18. Hello,
    I join Marion when she says that it is interesting to be able to develop a company for only 24 euros.
    Out of the straw fires that launch with the miracle product and disappear in 3 years, I think the main mistake is in the distinction between "consumer" and "distributor".
    All distributors are consumers but the opposite is not true.
    Most distributors have a "consumer" behavior and are very far from having made the effort to leave the amateur world and become a network marketing professional. However, no amateur is paid because the definition of professional is precisely "who earns money by his activity".
    The confusion is that all consumers have an interest in believing that they will be able to earn money because of the low start-up cost. Some wake up after a few years. Others leave, which proves that the products did not interest them so much ...
    Let's put the fundamentals of trade back in the middle: a producer exchanges his product with a customer who gives him money, regardless of whether the customer is called "customer", "partner", "associate" or "distributor". And as in most activities, 5% of people are super good and the others very very average.
    As an entrepreneur, you are not paid when you're just average!
    Good entrepreneurs hardly earn what employees earn (with more trouble).
    Exceptional contractors are paid at the height of what they have become.
    If you need the certainty of being paid, you have the right to consume the products, but by grace, look for a job as an employee.

  19. Hello sir and thank you for this article.
    I enrolled in an MLM on cellular health 10j ago, so your article is very interesting and on almost all points I agree and it was still my vision there may be 3 months.

    So why did I go? Knowing that the concept of tupperware and other blabbering and word of mouth annoys me.
    Well for several reasons.

    1) Human values, it is nice to be in conferences close to people who advise you so that you can develop your business because necessarily they have via these conferences also the goal of developing their business must not be stupid either. After yes the sponsors are not always very present, but hey as you say, it depends and in my opinion they will quickly be overtaken by small young people who arrive on the market and who are thoroughly and they want to develop their team ( I met 2 yesterday, they earn 15000 euros per month)

    2) It gives me a hobby considering that currently I am unemployed and why not continue when I have found a job.

    3) I have nothing to lose, for the moment membership is ridiculous 24 euros a year without obligation to buy unless you start to sponsor but anyway the products make me good health (being the medical and pharma industry, I also researched) so at worst if I do not develop anyone (I admit that it is not as simple as I thought) and well I will use the products for me.

    4) Allow future partners to learn new things, I find it fantastic because you need to learn to progress.

    5) It allows people to get out of their comfort zone, so for me it's the beginning of entrepreneurship with (oh well) a safety zone because we are not alone and products in hand, because go develop products or start a business for 24euros ...

    6) I add, I see the potential of this MLM, given the youth of the concept, the quality of the products and the opening to new countries, there is potential. so I think that's the point: "believe in the concept, believe in products, have fun to advise, but especially not be dependent on Yes or No"

    That's why despite a Bac + 5 and a very good salary that will take several years before being compensated by the MLM I still decided to start and it feels good. It's not the money that motivates me, it's the values, the vision & strategy of the company and the feeling of being useful for the company.
    Afterwards is not it better for someone, to earn 500 euros or 1000 euros more per month while networking than watching 2h TV per day?
    This is my vision and at worst we resume his life before 😉

    Good continuation

    1. Bravo Marion, I'm very much in the same vein.
      MLM companies there are plenty of them. Still it is necessary to choose a serious one.
      For my part I chose LR HEALTH AND BEAUTY. I am delighted.
      YES it's difficult, YES you have to constantly question yourself, YES you have to find partners- YES you have to train yourself, YES you have to be tenacious, YES you have to want some. Etc ... ..
      And so when one opens a business is this so different? Do not you need customers to run your business? Do not you have a little training before you undertake? Do you ever question yourself? AND in addition you need to have a stock, manage it, pay a license, rent a local to face the competition always stronger, loads that increase constantly. Stress, anguish of numbers, alienation, hours of madness, no vacation, all those things we do not have in MLM (maybe not all, at LR). So yes I prefer the MLM for all this freedom of action and its network always there to support us and help us move forward.
      That's it, it's just my opinion and I like it and I believe it.

  20. Hi,
    I read your article with great interest. I would like to deepen therefore what is the title of the book?
    I'm starting an experiment in network marketing and the refutation of the critical thinking and amateurism that the leaders share that embarrass me enormously and block me in my advancement. I feel uncomfortable even though I have already realized all the points you have raised. Thank you for your article which gives me a lot of strength on some aspects of this activity!

  21. Hello Thierry,

    I just read your article and in my opinion there is a misuse of the word network marketing.

    1. the money of the few winners comes from the constant registration of an army of future losers.

    - Said in this way you make reference to the pyramidal system or Ponzi. A real MLM does not make money on the "loser" listing. An MLM is simply a different structuring of a traditional business.

    2. Any citizen can become president of his country and yet there is only one place of freedom. If network marketing (mlm) is so easy, why is not the land filled with billionaires? And sometimes, to succeed in this area you have to be in bad faith ...

    - We are all (practically) going to school so why are there people less well paid than others?

    3. We have a perfectly duplicable system!

    - One method is needed, people who retrain are often from a traditional work environment or have stopped thinking for themselves. By integrating a MLM (A real not a scam) they find themselves lost because they no longer have instructions from their "leader".

    4. You will be thrown into the lions' den, taking care to ask everyone about your product, including those who are hostile to network marketing and those who have no interest in buying your product.

    - And if I decided to open an Italian restaurant, what's the difference here? I'm going to promote it and surely during this promotion I'm going to find people who do not like Italian food, right? But imagine that those people who do not like this food have friends who love Italian cuisine ... potential customers ...

    5. You fail because you are not motivated enough!

    - You say it's a myth, but I do not think so. At the beginning of the year many people sign up for the gym to achieve a physique that they like yet a lot of people give up. This is clearly a lack of motivation because we know that the key to success is persistence, a good method of working and feeding. Which proves that even with a "real" method that has proven itself the Human abandons.

    6. Believe me, if these products were so good, these companies would not go through network marketing to promote them.

    - I do not agree, selling a product of m ... the system collapses in a few days / month. In a highly competitive world (in relation to consumer products / services) traditional marketing is expensive to make known its brand.
    There are a lot of bad products in the supermarkets and yet they are still thanks to the traditional marketing and the money these multinationals give to the government.


    I am disappointed to see that you have written ONLY 2 positive lines and that you have put them in the end.

    - The examples you gave are from MLM fraudulent.

    8. Go on Facebook, and you will notice this: you hardly say hello to someone he answers already:

    " Good morning or good evening. If you wish, I offer you the opportunity to earn 5000 € per month for only 30min of work per day. If you want to know more, tell me, I will send you the file here or on your email. It's a world exclusive and a revolutionary new concept. See you soon. ".

    - It looks more like a pop-up than a business proposal.

    9. You will be freer and you will have more time to spend with your family

    - I'm not sure that a specialized doctor, CEO or freelancer spends a lot of time with his family. It's unfortunate that some people think that by working less, they can earn more ... Financial freedom is hard won.

    10. Why leave a job that guaranteed you a monthly income to join a company that is unable to guarantee you a minimum of 30 € monthly after 6 months?

    - And if tomorrow you get fired from your job? Stability no longer exists today. Ask friends and family if some of their friends are unemployed after choosing "security" by working for a monthly salary.

    11. You can start your business with a minimum of investment

    - You are talking about a pyramid scheme and not an MLM.

    12. If you invest time and money, then you will know the success

    - This point is valid for any business.

    13. The product sells itself!

    - What type of "MLM" did you base your research on?

    14. The product is so requested that there will always be a market
    Oh? And what to say about:
    Competition from other distributors in your company?
    The hundred competing companies that distribute the same products around the world?

    - Everyone to a phone today and yet Apple or Samsung does not seem to go bankrupt

    15. The residual network marketing income is based on the hard work of your referrals. It is still necessary that they remain active (they pay their monthly subscriptions). They must also sell products, recruit more people who will replace those already abandoned.

    I do not see any difference with the owner of a company apart from the terms.

    Unfortunately, many people who criticize the MLM are people who are not successful in the MLM or in their professional lives. R. Kiyosaki, who has become a millionaire thanks to rental real estate, speaks of this business as an opportunity for people to enjoy the benefits of having their own business without taking risks by investing considerable amounts of money.

    PS: I'm not part of an MLM, I'm just consumer of some MLM products that I find excellent.

    1. Hello Alex,

      My answer may surprise you but ... I really appreciate your comment. This is an important point for the debate and to change mentalities. This is the purpose of this article: Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of MLM. And I am the first to recognize that all businesses have their advantages and disadvantages. The purpose of this article is not to denigrate the MLM as many think, it is mostly about talking about the harmful aspect created by bad leaders.

      Thanks again Alex.

  22. know one thing that your article is talking about that negative things you do not see what some network marketing companies can do to many! Most of what you say may actually be true but for some cases.

    but behind this article I would think more than there is a frustrated man who tries to live with small ads that appeared on the page what I wish you! But you will never guess financially free with this method! You were wondering why there were always so many poor people on earth there are always because 80% of the world's wealth is held by 2% of the population! and 98 other percent spend their time reading articles or writing articles!

    I can not let you spit on the values ​​of some people behind your articles in the impression that most people want you badly if you want to spend your time working to not have a good luck retirement. I am a wealth management advisor and many people today are looking for solutions to get out I accompany them as a professional to achieve their goals you will also say that to find financial investment solutions that allows you to make income supplements are also negative network marketing!

    Well it's not the same I admit but I do not allow you to spit on the job admirable people. know that there is a difference between people who sell essential services in marketing and those who sell magic potions! and know that a person who enters a marketing network and who is not followed behind I find it totally inadmissible, and last thing the people who accompany entrepreneurs to put money to start their business and that touches money on this startup is forbidden by law so yes actually some companies are doing illegal.

    Have a great day or evening it will depend on you.

  23. Bill Clinton defends relationship marketing.
    Is writing a book showing that a Buisness defended by a former president of the United States is not a scam in itself? To sell or to click?

    1. Typing error I rest the question: Is writing a book demonstrating that a Buisness supported by a former US president is a scam is not a scam in itself to sell or to make cliques? For my part we were very clear from the beginning that it was a difficult job ... .d other hand it is still on the internet that it is shown that it is a scam. I'll be curious to know who will be able to prove to us live and face to face with Clinton Richard Bransan Brian Tracy by A + B that it's a scam. That day I will buy chips and pops corn in front of my TV and I will watch the show lool ...

  24. Hello Thierry,
    Thank you for all this analysis work on an area I knew little (I liked the tupperwar meetings with my mom, the snacks were always delicious).
    I live now in Africa and I see this kind of companies proliferate, I think that the "soil" is particularly suitable, it is a little the same principle as the churches "thing-thing".
    It's a shame that the pyramid laws do not apply here.
    I will take the opportunity to share your article a maximum, maybe the pyramid will work?
    I also thank all the "commentators" who open other doors.

    1. Hello,
      I am appalled by the comment of Taniah, Indeed the marketing of network is far from the petits fours of mom, it is a trade in its own right. Of course do you know before talking about pyramid system or church ????

      1. Hello Serge,
        Not enough to be REALLY really, I said that "I knew little" (no do I have not written?)
        Moreover I have nothing against this system and does not describe it in any way. What I just notice is the hijacking of "crooks" on the African continent by organizing large forums all the way on the model of American shows like churches which I will not mention the names that go to big shots of "miracle shows".
        Again I have nothing against the MLM system on the condition that it is well used, like everything else ...
        The most difficult problem here, in my opinion, is the problem raised by the uberisation which is no longer in accordance with the legislation in force, and if the West can defend itself and do it somehow against Uber for example, here it is a real evil that adds to a permanent misery, and it is lamentable, believe me Mr Serge what to be landed in the first sense of the term.
        You previously told Paolo that you did not know JM International and it's up to me to advise you to inquire and believe me they do not pride themselves on the system and they do not really care about a society like yours, I have a friend who sells products from South Africa to aloe will see I do not know if it's the same company as yours, but here I find the system good, because there is A REAL PRODUCT ... at last REAL SALES
        The reflection interests me beyond the MLM because in the end it is a reflection of society, it is necessary to avoid, even if I understand it to be only self-absorbed, if one wants to see beyond its own balcony, These are practices that proliferate and which in turn push thousands of people into the heart of the Mediterranean ... yes yes enough to be "bitter" .... and the ricochets sometimes go very far ... ..
        So really sorry if my little comment has "docked", really it was without this intention and it is the same for this one if you take the trouble to put things in their context, yes MLM are part of a whole (like any other element) which is called SOCIETE or even GLOBALIZATION, which others name elsewhere "Le Petit Monde" .... do not lose sight of word "Small" as adjective of world ... it's a simple advice ...

        1. Taniah,

          Really thank you for this comment. It is clear and is based on concrete elements. That's all I ask of all those who come to blindly defend the MLM. The article has a constructive purpose, there is no question for some people to believe that everything is fine in network marketing and you have to go for it with your eyes closed.

          I hope that Serge, understand your point of view, because I avoid censorship on this blog out of respect for all points of view. But I think I will sometimes delete comments that do not change the debate.

          Thanks again…

  25. Hello Dono,

    I started some time ago in the MLM, I think our company might interest you if you read the article. Because it is clear that it is an activity that will require more or less work depending on your ambitions.

    Yes there is money to do this, yes you can come out changed, yes you have free training for pay and yes you have teams and a community behind you. But that will depend exclusively on YOU, you have to be ready and honest towards yourself even if you start. This is not the world of bisounours but if you give yourself the means you can do that is what the 2% and it is not always easy otherwise they would not be 2%. If this is not the case, do not waste your time and work on yourself even before.

    If you are still interested I invite you to contact me in private.

  26. Hello excuse me to disturb you I would like to know what are the good network marketing site that we can start and training thank you

  27. I arrived at the end of the article .... More than curiosity
    As far as my experience is concerned, I've been doing Network Marketing for over a year and I'm getting a good income supplement.

    Why not simply say that MLM is a real job and like any job it can not be learned in a month.
    Many people think that they will earn money right away without investing, without forming ahahah. What a shame ... And no it is not a lottery ticket.
    Moreover you explain that it is a system based only on recruitment out if it was the case it would not be the MLM but a pyramid system. In most MLM companies only 5% of people develop, others consume the products that are remembered are of higher quality than those found in the classic chain because the ad is made only by word of mouth.
    Usually the consumer pays on average 50% of the price of the product for its advertising, its distribution network ... I think 89% of people who read this article have a box "Tupperware" in their kitchen.
    Anyway, I'll be able to write just as long as your article, but what's the point? All sensible people will look for explanations in the figures of this industry. She will go and find out who are the company directors at the head of these companies, such celebrities as Richard Branson, Warren Buffet ...
    Finally this comment does not go in your direction, but if you are open-minded and accept criticism then you will accept it.

    1. Hi,

      If you read this blog well, you would see that it is full of articles that go against our vision of things. So why am I going to delete it? Here it is published.

  28. Article completely bogus..I understand the themes of the blog:! Sir, when we want to do journalism, we learn about the topics we want to address! You dare to come and talk about relationship marketing when you do not know what to talk about! As proof, I quote 'you need to build a network of about 1000 active people'! It's just a huge joke! Have you thought about the simple possibility of just sponsoring 8 people .. And teaching them how to do the same? How many people will be part of your network at 8eme rank? I let you calculate! This will save you from telling anything! And get out of your little world, get closer to successful people in the MLM! I present you dozens, when you wanted ..

  29. hi Thierry
    I am a young person who is interested in marketing. I read your article. I hear about the company JM International with its powerful revolutionary system support. I want to know what is the marketing network and what are your recommendations for a good marketing network. thank you

  30. Hi I'm a young 23ans I enjoyed reading. I want to know what is the professional marketing company is reliable today because I hear more about the company JM International with its revolutionary system support. what do I have? enlighten me . thank you

    1. Hi Paolo
      I do not know JM international, for my part I am a distributor of products with aloe vera, the compensation plan of our partner is very interesting, if you wish to know more, contact me:

  31. Hello Thierry

    Before it was a little denatured in religious writings, there was a golden rule widely taught by the wise in antiquity "Do not think of doing to others what you would not like that others think about to make you ", (which unfortunately became in the Bible" do not do to others what you would not like to do to others ")

    Since the day a person of remarkable quality "taught" me, I realized how creative thinking is, and how useful it was to me to control the benevolence of my thoughts towards anyone. and back, whatever it is, and that whatever the situations that I had to live.

    This led me to be suspicious as the plague of "my points of view, con con ..." (which I welcome, however, with great kindness). As I do not know if you have already noticed this, we humans have a point of view on everything! This is not a problem in itself. But where it really begins to be a problem, it is that without realizing it, we have the very unfortunate tendency to consider that our point of view is the only truth!

    And what does it give in life? Tutes sorts of discussions, so-called exchanges, debates on the radio, on TV, and tien, now more and more on blogs!

    Finally any blog on which the exchanges do not respect the rule of gold stated previously, deserves the title or the status of "blog"? Could it be more right to baptize him? for example? »BlogPasCherAlaCon»! Here we see only a benevolent and humorous wink and especially not any bellicose intent towards you, because sincerely such is not my intention)

    Dear Thierry, I do not doubt that there is a good intention behind your writing. I invite you nevertheless, if you want it well to make the difference between the truth about ... .., and your points of view! As such, I encourage you in your communication to always make the difference between the facts (which are indisputable) and the interpretation you have of these facts, and to have the intellectual honesty to clarify this with your readers and not to present your points of view as "the truth"!

    You will see that everyone will be better off, starting with you!

    You have better things in the heart of you to share with others than to break free sugar on an activity (neither better nor less than another) by using a catchy title, announcing an information process, then that your real intention seems to be to promote and sell your products and services! And that you do not say it before displaying your title "tout". A bit like this person who will tell you that she has something good to relieve your boos without telling you that she is, herself a reseller of this product, and that she will benefit if you buy it !

    Like what, what we do not like in the others could well be only to be a reflection of who we are!

    1. Hello Philippe,

      I validate your comment like many others to show that this is a constructive article contrary to what you think.

      All I ask you is to provide constructive advice, to precisely present this other facet of the MMLM.

      Just for info, sorry but no other non-educational notices for readers or any other free insults will be validated.

    2. Very good comment, I think in the sense that a blog is used to discuss points of view and not break sugar on an activity to promote another.
      We have enough misinformation made by manipulators manipulated.

  32. Your link to download your e-book does not work.
    I would like to have it anyway, making MLM I will be happy to have a critical eye thank you.

    PS: the tight writing on the right and the ad for your formations that move are very disreputable and encourages to leave the blog. It's my opinion.

  33. Thank you so much . I almost got scammed
    To the reader of your article I had the impression that viys talk about the company and the sponsor who wanted me recruited

  34. Sincerely your article is great, there are no bosses we are all partners .. Lol .. Me I made MLM in a network JM OCEAN AVENUE, or after you realize ke leaders are venerated more than the bosses conventional businesses, we talk about a lot of love, a big family, but in real life, anything important, you are important when you are a prospect once inside you understand that you become a subordinate, the spiral is terrible, at one point you feel yourself sinking into shit. But that hope makes the poor live. You hold on, ruining yourself more and more. Because it makes you understand that you may be close to opening the right door ... Lol. At least on my part it is very dishonest to pretend that everyone with will can only get by in this activity .. I think ke are big smart ki instead of paying the media and people for to work honestly to sell their product profit from ignorance and the naivety of others to make big money with less money!

    1. Hello Jean Jacques,
      Without wishing to be unpleasant I think you did well to stop because this activity is not for you. They need true perseverance, really want to go further, it is the same for all creators of conventional business, without work it goes bankrupt. To blame others does not change anything; To bounce back on your comments "I believe that these are big smart guys instead of paying the media and people to work honestly to sell their product benefit from ignorance and the naivety of others to make big money in spending less !. Being smart does not mean being dishonest, I consider it rather a quality. Personally, I am no smarter than the majority of people and I do network marketing in an honest way and do not see the "leaders" as gods who are worshiped but rather as people who have every interest in you succeeded to succeed themselves.

  35. Hello, everyone, I followed with interest the various interventions of each other, I conclude that the MLM has few winners, but many losers, which looks like the pyramid business, which leads in late course to the ruin of the "lower masses" (new recruits). Of MLM without product for sale becomes the pyramid, so the scam, and I thank Thierry for his ebook, because it puts a lot of light on this ebusiness, which he do not cross the rails and know how to limit the risk in a timely manner.

  36. Hello everybody
    The article as reported by its author, only picks up the myths of network marketing so indeed to all readers I recommend looking for positive ratings.
    Personally I am a consumer distributor and do not feel in any way concerned or hurt by this article (a wise man in your both).
    I do not propose dreams, only I really wish to help my neighbor to realize his own but not without working.
    The work is necessary and only a good motivation and the help of his "godfather" makes it possible.
    I find this discussion necessary, and again recommends interested people to be well informed, network marketing is a nice thing as long as it is well practiced.

  37. Hello Thierry,
    Very nice article and I thank for all this information.
    personally I was contacted by a group of friends to integrate an MLM. but before I start I'm going to search the internet. so I'm on your article and I've read many comments in different newsgroups.
    the main remark I made is that people who speak positively about MLM are: either those who have just joined the networks and who benefit from the first commissions (it works, it works) or people whose MLM system has just arrived in their countries and are dazzled by words like: easy and fast winnings, being your own boss, having your financial independence and all the blah blah that goes with it.
    after, and as time passes, the comments are increasingly against the MLS. I did not understand anything until I came across your article that allowed me to understand the reasons.

    In addition, I find it hard to engage in an activity where I will put the relationship with my friends, my family, into play, seeing them as potential gains that can help expand my network by harassing them all the time.
    So where does the true value of friendship go? It seems that the lure of gain is gaining more and more importance over human relations.

  38. Hello,

    I am very happy to read this article that I find very well done. I also worked a few months in the MLM and I found everything you said. If I had seen your article earlier ... I actually think that anyone who wants to start the MLM should read this, even if the MLM succeeds them. They should consider all these points. What shocked me about the team I was in was mental manipulation. Attention, I do not say that all MLM companies are like that, I felt like in a cult: my trainer was lying to me, humiliated me, distorted reality constantly, made me feel guilty, imposed on me dogmas (even in my private life): he dictated to me how I had to live and always spoke to me as if I did not know anything about life (without inquiring) and stole all my esteem from me. At first, he complimented me and soon my qualities became his and I was worth nothing, according to him. He also wanted me to read personal development books and pretended to know better than me how to manage my private life. He did not respect me. He was malicious about the weaker clients too, but only with the weaker ones. In short, I felt little free and poorly surrounded in this job. I want to explain by this story that the MLM gives a lot of freedom, especially if little structure and that it can lead to some excesses .. I do not regret anyway this experience which allowed me to acquire certain additional skills and which still teaches me today to be more vigilant in my relationships. I think that you have to listen to your emotions, even in the professionnal.

    1. Hello Melissa,

      Thank you for this feedback. I hope it will help other people. I also think we can succeed in the MLM, but as I explain in this ebook, there are very few and the system is not designed to allow everyone to succeed.

      Courage for the future.

  39. Hello, thank you for this article, if I can still add, there are network marketings that have none of the myths mentioned ... Especially after reading dozens of books and attend a lot of conference on the subject. Your article describes more the scams of the 90 years that Relationship Marketing of the 21eme century ... I find it a pity for the person who will be destroyed by his entourage "omniscient" after reading this article. If he is a leader in him he will survive ahah

    PS: I was bad in everything, I struggled to sell, I made a small income anyway ...
    The trainings are very formative I find.

  40. Hello Thierry,

    I beg you to speak to me!
    I read your article thoroughly with a lot of attention.
    I'm a developer myself, I started after 3 years of hard work managed to build a network interesting enough, but all this is due to some point that you have named in this article and that those who embark in this environment must achieve.
    Indeed, it is not enough to be motivated, to say why, and to be patient.
    It requires a real methodology, well-established strategies, sanity check (to constantly take corrective measures), processes and have the spirit of marketer or negotiator.
    Being myself in the field of marketing I confirm that the mlm is not necessarily within the reach of all the world, a little like in a job and the specific profile that a company is looking for, it is not all profiles that match no matter how good they are.

    In my opinion, MLM is a new way of working (especially in a world) where unemployment is very present, growth is stagnating and the crisis is still striking, but it is certain that to come and take refuge behind this concept as a miracle source is An ineptitude.

    You have to train, you must still have the analytical mind, have strategies, and know how to sell (be careful I do not speak of its famous distributors who lie at all costs to have godchildren) but must still have this charisma makes it possible to make people want to follow in this concept / product / service, because in spite of everything the same way that the Non Verbal Communication is the first thing that strikes the eye the spectators to 75% during presentations it is above all for the moral qualities / insurance / the art of communication that will seduce the newcomers at the same rate.

    So yes, there is money to be made.
    Yes there are some interesting concepts.
    Yes there is a different quality of life than staying in the office, but it is above all a real job, which requires a lot of personal investment (time / money and mind) to achieve it and it depends on the innate qualities or no of the person.
    So certainly you could have put a more positive touch on the end of your article or pressed that this excerpt comes from your ebook (and that it is related to the context) so as not to discourage the brave ones who could have been the potential to achieve it, but it is a beautiful article despite everything.
    It was a pleasure to read you!


    1. Hello Gregory,

      Thank you for this feedback on the MLM. It is very appreciated and respected.

      In fact, in the ebook and the article, I specify that this is the hidden side of Network Marketing and even if this article only addresses the negative part, I agree with you that there are some who live quite easily from this activity. But you know, sometimes you have to be brutal in the speech, if you want to raise awareness.

      Thank you for the feedback.

  41. Hello everyone, just a precious detail: Relationship marketing is constantly evolving. It is a job that continues to grow because we are in the era of entrepreneurship However, it is very important to learn about the various existing networks because indeed, crooks are hidden there. I develop this style of project with a supplier FRENCH, FRENCH PRODUCTS and under the guise of FRENCH laws. Recognized by the legislator, this activity continues to generate wealth collectively. Today it's called the sharing economy ... Times change, money changes street ... goodbye capitalism and another obsolete paradigm that plague our society ... My project is moving forward, my why is solid, and I recommend to anyone who has ambition, to try the adventure, because it enriches, and it allows to understand too, why our system does not showcase our business at all. It does not help at all the lobbies, so the state, so the system in which people rot their minds unconsciously ... This is called formatting from birth, to DREAM SMALL ....

  42. Hello Thierry
    thank you for your excellent article, and I recognize that I smiled a lot!
    - Smiled at the truthfulness and the humor of your warnings: we are really not in the country of the bisounours. in this it is the same as any job, the difference is that in recruiting us, we are made to believe.

    - also smiled at the virulent and aggressive comments of some: to those 3 questions, how long have you been in network marketing? how many hours a day do you actually work and how long do you regularly earn a lot of money to be rich?

    In France I joined a first network of tax exemption, which I gave up following a reflexion of a consultant to a team leader "but what you say goes against the interest of the customer" - answer "The customer we do not care you're there to make money" ... really incompatible with my own ethics! but a cruel reality of behavior
    I was recruited by another network of tax exemption: the godfathers were good, really. they had the sense of the team and cared a lot for their advisors giving them time and free training. some did not succeed others and those who failed were not made for this job. my sponsors could show personal success.
    for my part, I sold and I adored the product and the approach that accompanied it but did not make a superb success.

    today I live in Canada since 8 years and I am at my 4th sales solicitation in network marketing! I had no problem rejecting 3 - the last one amuses me more, but I will not go, I'm not at all certain to be made for this type of work unless it is the product that do not suit me ... .. I think I poe too many questions!

    there are essential qualities to succeed in network marketing and no sales method (all identical !!), no "annual Mass" with leaders' speech, reward of "The" success of the year, the trips won and all the powder in the eyes generously and hypocritically distributed that day will never give any advisers
    - have a deep and real self-confidence
    - you have to love the product, believe it and trust it and believe in the company
    - do not be afraid to phone to solicit, or to go to others to offer the product (I do not speak of the family who wants to encourage us) - it takes the nerve like a real VRP
    - A lot of work needs to be done again and again to find the prospects, to do the resumes, to do the follow-up, to relaunch them - you have to work during the day, may also often in the evening or on weekends - all those who say the opposite lie. and you still have to work a lot because if you do not maintain your position you are demoted and you lose the commissions on the team set up.
    I missed certain qualities, including regularity and consistency in work ...

    but if you have the main qualities that I'm talking about, that you're really committed to hard work and to challenges that you have the sense of the team and have leadership qualities: go for it, you will succeed and you will earn a lot of money . I have friends or ex colleagues who have done very well.

    I wish a lot of happiness in this job not easy and high potential for those who will really give it. as for the others, critical, aggressive, bitter, rude and certainly frustrated, start with the BA BA: do you like and know how to hear what people like Thierry explain and try to learn profitable lessons for you that will make you progress in life.

    All my friendships and thanks Thierry

    1. Hello Dominique,

      This is certainly the most beautiful and constructive comments received on this blog. You do not just say if it's good or not, you share your MLM experience in the most humble, and most importantly, the most complete way. Thanks again.


  43. Hello !

    Not bad the article.

    My opinion is mixed. On the one hand you're right about the fact that the MLM does not make rich. But you did not specify the condition, it does not make rich if you do it wrong. And yes lies exist. But to be honest, it's like in all areas. Why some musicians do better than others? Because some have a good "method", a good state of mind (do you want to make money for yourself or help people?), And that they are at peace with themselves or at least on their way to.

    It is not the most competent who succeed, but those who manage to make the most of the resources they are given and find in their path. Those who practice instead of staying to theorize. The ones who are just running, and who have ambition and determination. And often those who have a good sense of communication. (but it trains, huh) So those who really succeed are those who are on a spiritual path. Some call this personal development, I call it the path of inner peace (leading to that of the outside).

    To perfect quickly the idea of ​​recruiting 20 000 distributors, no. It's useless, and it shows that the method is not good. As many have 5 distributors, who themselves recruit 5 others each and so on. 5 power 7 (it's never more than that level levels otherwise it's dangerous): 78125 downline, and it's more than enough, arrived at the stadium by the way, it's very comfortable, no need to more in my opinion, unless you are megalomaniac and greedy.

    People just do not focus on what they should focus on. They give up because they can not question themselves. And that's the problem, success in this sector comes with a lot of questioning and change (not only in this sector, but in life). So yes, some have a good background, which allows them to actually understand the system itself and how to succeed in it while revealing itself. Besides Eric Worre wrote a great book called Go Pro, for those who want to succeed in the MLM is a must have.

    The risk of saturation is very far, it is likely (it is 30 years qu'Amway exists eh) but we can make the analogy with fridges, everyone has a fridge, yet it still sells a lot. Suddenly this famous saturation is only theoretical, at the present time at least.

    Another reality however, if the resources were equitably distributed, we would have 3 million dollars each at this very moment. Some try to rebalance things in their own way, not sure it works, in any case, there is no fault of not having tried.

    Yes my opinion is largely in favor for the MLM. On the one hand, I would say that this is only the reflection of our greatest enemy: ourselves. Some people will tell you that the MLM is perfect and that it can solve the problems of the world, I do not believe it, on the other hand, it can help some people. And I find that the MLM is just as ethical as any kind of sale and competition. The problem is not the MLM, it is much deeper, it is the relationship of the Man with himself and the world around him.

    Yes my post is quite destructured and is sloppy, it shows that I flew over the article without immersing myself in it. I will read it later, if it can be edited I will do it and I will answer you. I am open to any discussion, but tomorrow, because now I am very tired

    A good word, good evening to you.

    And as our friend Sylvain Durif would say,
    Love and Compassion


    1. Good evening Brice,

      On the contrary, I am happy to have an opinion such as yours because it completes my point of view quite well. I deliberately chose to talk about the negative side of network marketing, but nowhere do I say it's not an opportunity. Thank you for this post.


    2. The constancy in you, the enthusiasts of the MLM, is that once absorbed the basic assumptions (completely wacky), you defend them bitten with great blows dogmas made of crepe paper. You would be fancifully shown that 1 = 2, you would defend it to break with great strokes of self-persuasion.
      You exploit people and, worse, you claim it on all blogs with hypocritical prefabricated articles that are only an excuse for ego-promo.
      The MLM exists for more than 60 years (2 sponsorships a year, it would be 1 trillion, 1 billion times the world population). If his system was so exponential, how is it always the same?
      You can answer whoever will listen that "for me, it works! If your system was so exceptional and the whole planet had entered the MLM, and I'm the only one (in the world?). You sponsor me. Who am I sponsoring? Dexter Yager? Unequal system.
      To build a baseless castle of cards, it often collapses in the same way.

      I have been VDI MLM.
      My experience (not so good) here:

      1. Hello Curtis,

        Nobody degrades the MLM here, everyone shares their experience like you, after that it's up to the readers to make the right decision. This is why comments like yours on networking are not deleted, because the goal is to build all the distracting mlm distrubutors.


        1. That is more accurate! I think that, like all trades, the MLM has its warts but also its beautiful things! there are garage swindlers, but we can not throw the shame on the car mechanic! everyone has to do a thorough research on what he wants and what he is offered! I made several MLM and I found that! it's just a job like any other, where everyone can express himself to his measure. Today it is recognized by the authorities, as legal by the status VDI or self-entrepreneur choice, or by the tax system, which was not the case a few years ago, or the media were doing a joy to dismantle systematically this kind of things, or anti-sect associations that did not distinguish between a networked company and a sect.These times are over, everyone can exercise their full rights without to be worried on the condition that he does things in order of course. What seems to me a very good thing, because without wanting to talk billionaire, when you can generate a few thousand euros per month, plus a job, it is something pleasant for an overwhelming majority of people, especially nowadays where the crisis is really hard.

  44. Hello,

    First of all thank you for your article and congratulations for your writing.

    I just discovered the Mlm and it tempts me strongly. I sold everything and I think (after my opinion) that selling a sponsorship is not difficult for a good speaker / salesman with a minimum of reflection ... (insurance, products, banks ..)
    I am more, a great reveler. As a result, a lot of knowledge and a good flow, would not it be the ideal situation for this type of job?
    But one thing bothers me ... It sounds too easy and besides I can not help thinking about a pyramid scheme. In short, everything goes well during 5-10 years, but when the chain breaks the mouth, you take everything ... Indirectly you are fattening people lower than you and at bottom, only the top of the list are really winners.
    The promises of big sums seem to me really too enticing and easy to get and I do not understand why commission sellers like me would have been shit to sell small thing rather than do this?
    How can such a remunerative system be so little known?
    Your article explains a lot of things, but I was wondering if selling a MLM product actually sells insurance or rather a necessary service. What I'm trying to say is that indirectly we hire people who would not want to be hired and we do worse than a commission salesman but indirectly?
    I thank you in advance for your answer.

    1. I forgot some more details!

      While digging a little internet ... I have a strong imprecision that many comments are posted by companies promoting the mlm and I see a lot of identical comment on a lot of forum and blog.
      As if people were paid to get a good image of the Mlm.

    1. Hello Charly,

      Instead of saying that everything is wrong, I gave reasons that everyone can check, and you what are yours to attest to what you say?

    2. Very funny Charly ... but you know BlogPasCher can not agree with anyone who does not even bother to read their articles.

  45. Hello Thierry,

    Perfect your article !! Exactly what I lived and I am part of 98% of those who gave up the mlm !! I did not ask anything at first !! I was just looking on the internet for a product to relieve my pain ... and I was offered the product and the promise to no longer pay for it by sponsoring and making money.
    All that you describe is the strict truth not displeasing to some !! The MLM, certainly 2% succeed and many people do it in a spirit of honesty, but it's really a scam and we're just lying to you ..
    Every sentence, every word that you wrote on your article is the pure truth and all that you describe happened to me and I say everything! So maybe in the eyes of some I'm a jerk naive etc etc ... but they I think they lie to themselves and better learn the definition of humility! All those who recruit tell you that they earn a very good living with the MLM but none of them bring you the proof and if you ask them to see their back office !! heheh then this is top secret and it's personal and they answer you that they do not have to show it to you ... You have to believe and drink their words, and they earn so much money doing nothing that he put you the pressure non stop on skype as soon as you do not sponsor etc ... lol
    Bravo Thierry for your franchise on the MLM

    1. Hello Wire,

      Another sincere person who talks about his experience. And you do well to point out that your sponsor will never show you (or almost) his dashboard because he does not want you to discover the harsh reality that awaits you.

      At first, everyone is nice to you, but then, you are abandoned for a new member that must quickly seduce.

      Good after, not everyone is always dishonest.

  46. Hello Thierry

    Thank you for this pretty complete article.

    It seems to me that there is nevertheless a moral, or rather ethical, or deontological observation.

    Yes network marketing can be honest, like all forms of direct sales, yes it can be remunerative, etc., etc.
    The question of substance is not THAT.

    What I blame most about these forms of sale is their deliberately confusing nature between the prescriber's primary motivation, being paid, and his only discourse displayed: to give good friendly and disinterested advice. When I go to a store I have no doubt about the motivation of the seller and the fact that all his arguments will be in favor of the vaunted quality of these products. It is up to me to think and to exercise discernment. But when a friend intervenes with me to tell me that he has tried a product that should suit me, that he sends me to a site where I can find him (without telling me that if I order it will have a commission) , I am not in a situation of caution, questioning the pros and cons, I am relieved to receive a notice allowing me to make a purchase decision on which, failing that, I could have remained undecided.

    I really think this breach of trust is unworthy. It totally betrays the capital of trust that unites us. He does not tell me, "It's okay, I'm a reseller of a product that might interest you," he says, "I'm using a product I recommend."
    And this method of sale is explicitly advised by the parent companies. This marketing transforms a part of my network of friends and relations into dishonest little shopkeepers almost in spite of themselves, because they often become more by despair than by greed.

    Let us be specific about the importance of qualifying these practices.

    I have a friend who sells home appliances. When I saw her robot at home and I was interested, she first told me "Indeed, I am a dealer" and then "I think it's great". For two years, I have not bought it yet, I would probably soon. She did not raise me. She told me I'm making a demo when you want. She lives full-time in this activity and I have nothing to complain about.

    I have another friend that I know in trouble. She sees one day one of my post on Facebook where I evoked the pains concerning the consequences of an accident. She said to me "Have you tried this type of painkiller? It's very effective, I had the same problem as you and it really relieved me. " Then, "You can find it at this web address". It was a sub-site on his own. Then, "Have you tried? ". Then ... etc, etc ... I was so ashamed for her!

    Thus, these sales methods participate directly in the increase in the amorality of the economy of the individual for himself and of the self. Everything that is legal is not necessarily probe. Everything that is not forbidden, is not necessarily a model of conduct in favor of a quality living together.

    1. Hello Laurent,

      What more can I say after such a detailed comment? Nothing I think.

      Thank you for these examples that perfectly illustrates the reality in this environment as in many others on work from home on the internet. This is a comment edifying enough and very aprécié


  47. Hello Thierry,

    I have to recognize the quality of your article, even if I do not completely agree with you.

    Indeed, there are many myths in network marketing. But I do not think that these myths are the fact of the MLM, but rather some people not very ethical and especially unscrupulous and greedy for money. They target weak and vulnerable people and promise to become rich without doing anything or easily.

    In addition to these leeches, there are many companies that have been thriving for decades by offering quality products or services that do not require exorbitant entry fees, recurring subscription fees and free training.

    But it is also true that for a few years now many companies are blooming on the internet that offer only virtual products that no longer require any direct contacts. And in fact, we are talking only of monthly royalties and actually raises the question of formations. But is it still relational marketing?

    In conclusion, I would say that network marketing is a great opportunity that certainly is not made for everyone, but that can allow either a supplement of income or a lot more to strength of work and perseverance.


    1. Good night Michel,

      In fact, in this article I am not saying that this is a bad thing. I just chose to talk about the negative part which does not mean that people like you that I know honest do not exist.

      Your friend

  48. A nice bullshit you just wrote. I've been doing network marketing since 1 year and I make a good living. I am no graduate and was not made to study, I even imagined ending my life in poverty. The money I earn is due to the fact that my client pays their package every month, and I earn 10% on each invoice. So your bullshit on the top that you get paid for future scam is wrong. Many partnerships with the biggest and the stars do the same activity as me. One of the Sisters Williams in particular, florida the singer as well as mickeal Jordan. I can still quote you good numbers. Do you think that partnerships and stars would embark on large-scale scams? I do not believe no!
    Criticism can not lead to failure.

    1. Hello Loick,

      Maybe you should have started with a hello ...

      I'm not going to repeat to you the questions I asked anyone who insulted this article ... because I see that you did not understand the meaning of what I said.

      I would just like to tell you that just because a star does something is not necessarily good and ethical. Like you, most of these people go into this field just to make a profit and not to help others.

      I do not criticize MLM, I just highlight some obscure aspects of this type of business.

  49. -The arguments are not very convincing to exculpate you on your bludgeoning of the MLM
    -You place yourself on a platform with a strong opinion of your 'inner self'
    - You have to go down a few steps before your brain explodes.
    - To denigrate or rebel against the lies of a part of the profession in the MLM is too easy "Life is made of lies. "
    -You only seek the approval of bad thoughts through the answers you hope to meet.
    - Only for commercial purposes, it is too easy to rely on the potential of the remaining 98% to only offer your services.
    - You try to play with human nature, it's really disastrous to get there ...
    - The MLM has been part of our life for years, we have to take it and leave it ...
    - But it's up to everyone to see for themselves, and there's enough warning on the web to do their opinion good or bad ...

    [: Bd]

    1. Hello Eusébio,

      If you had started with a hello I think it would have been very appreciated by all the people who subscribed to the comments of this article.

      You say so many things at the same time that I get lost a little. And like many others you spent your time throwing me the stone without making any contribution.

      I chose to talk about a reality, you should do the same by telling readers what they need to do to succeed in network marketing. It will be 1000 times more constructive I think.

      Again, what is said in this article is it false or true?


  50. Hello Thierry,

    Would you have personal accounts to settle with the MLM to propose this article worthy of massacre to the chainsaw handwritten version?
    Because if it is true that the net teems with scams of all kinds (and not the MLM), there are still people, networks that work honestly and who will bear the full brunt of the consequences of your article assassin.
    All MLMs do not impose astronomical dues and castles in Spain.
    Knowing a MLM in particular, it offers in return for the contribution of 8 euros / month, a range of tools worth more than 1500 euros used for any business.
    Nothing is imposed.
    And not to be ruined by paying 8 euros / month.
    This system can be used to promote MLM, of course, but can also be used to develop any activity.
    All this, I say and repeat it for 8 euros / month.
    In addition, the recruitment is not taxed and this formula still allows to earn commissions while being passive.
    The nuance is of importance and it should be avoided to shoot red balls on all network marketing activities.
    It would have been opportune to talk also about the positive side of the MLM and not to break it shamelessly.
    If, as you claim, your article is part of an ebook and is diluted in the content of it, it remains no less true that this article as it is presented, here, participates in outright lynching of network marketing.
    I do not think you have the overall and sufficient knowledge of network marketing to be able to write this nauseous tirade.
    I think I remember that not so long ago you were criticized, just like other web marketers, Aurélien Amacker, for example, criticisms made against the expensive formations that you propose .
    I even think that the Amacker site has been hacked. Act that I condemn but which, despite everything, reflects what can think a fringe of netizens.
    You are not knights draped in light suits and defenders of ethics and morals.
    In no way do I want to advocate for network marketing, but I feel it is my duty to counterbalance what you say comes from a person who is determined to uncompromisingly kill the activities of others without distinction of good and bad.


    1. Hello Jose,

      Thank you for your contribution. It's very appreciated.

      I have just two questions:

      1. Is there anything I said in my article that is false? If yes which one?

      2. Did you only understand that I chose to speak only about the negative part? (I specify it moreover).

      For your information, I have also published numerous articles on the disadvantages of blogging, internet marketing, and everything related to the entrepreneurial profession. My blog is dedicated to that.

      You talk about my name in the list of crooked marketers, I did not want to complain to the one who quoted me in this list because the one who published it (the list) has an email that he himself received because he was affiliated with Aurélien Amacker's program. And my name was among those who had made a sale of his training.

      For you I have two good news:

      1. I was a beginner at the time and I never touched a single cent of this commission. It's still on my clickbank account.

      2. My training, only sells at 89 € after a test of 1 € for three days. So unlike your free affirmations, I do not sell trainings to more than 90 €. Given the quality of the proposed content, it's all but expensive.

      That's why I never had a refund claim.

      Good many explanations, I wish you a nice day


  51. thank you bcp for all these tips that will allow me to know all the tricks of the trade before committing me, I am at least advised and my risks and peril.

  52. Hello Thierry
    I am very happy to read this article. I also downloaded your ebook that I started reading. He is fascinating. I advise him very well to my downlines to really see who believes in this activity.

    Having studied network marketing during 2 years is quite different from having practiced network marketing for 2 years. All you said for network marketing, you can apply it to internet marketing. Network marketing is entrepreneurship.

    If you think and believe that you can succeed then you can. Whether people fail or not, that's not the problem. It's YOU the problem. It's a business you build. So if you do not know why you are building your business and that business is going to contribute to the success of others, then YOU will fail and it is not the fault of the MLM, the fault of your sponsor or any other reason outside of YOU.

  53. It is true that by reading the article, one wants to flee the MLM. Yet for two years that I practice this activity, I have fun, I decided to help my partners to evolve and to earn money and it works. There are many dropouts and it is always the people who do not come to "free" training.
    It is true that I decided to speak frankly; It is possible to win big money but not without doing anything, training is important, this job is simple but it is not easy and it gives us a lot of satisfaction especially when we see a new qualifying

    1. Good evening Philipe,

      I see that you have understood very well the direction I am trying to give to this article.

      What you say is entirely true and YES we can also make money on the internet thanks to the MLM. Unfortunately most people who join this industry (like all others) only do so to become rich, not to be useful.

      And for those who still do not know it then remember this: the one who wants to be rich seeks (usually) miracle opportunities, while the one who wants to be useful tries to understand the needs and then trains himself to develop an adequate skill.

      Thank you again for your comment, it is very appreciated.

  54. In my opinion, any marketing candidate-distributor required the Company,
    before any activity starts, an App for smartphone or other electronic tools.
    In a few clicks, it could receive network construction scenarios,
    According to its own targets. It would be simple, objective and
    the most effective guard against illusion merchants. I doubt that
    Society will spontaneously play the game of transparency. It must be forced.
    How? By a national law or better European. Long and hard fight! ...
    but at the height of the stake.

    Gabriel Lefizelier

    1. Gabriel, I absolutely disagree with you.

      At first, I would just like to react on one point to the author. MLM (Multi Level Marketing) literally translates into multi-level marketing or multi-level marketing. It is important to emphasize this and to avoid using the term network marketing because this term is also used for marketing and commercial actions at the level of a network without pay per level, so in this case is no longer about MLM. It is better to use the correct translations to avoid misunderstandings.

      Then concerning your comment Gabriel, to require a law to regulate the sector is not a solution. Many companies use the MLM (the Tupperware company has built on it) in a legal and transparent way and scams in this sector are actually much less numerous than they appear. They make a lot of noise because a scam can affect hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of people.
      But you have to know that these scams are only carried out by 1% of the companies practicing the MLM. It's a bit like call centers. 99% of remote customer relations centers do their own work and in the rules of the art and 1% of these companies resort to phone scams such as ping call, remote abuse on specialized catalog, attacks IPRN, IRSF fraud etc.

      It is not because 1% of the companies in a sector behave like thugs that you have to penalize the whole sector.

      What is needed is educating people and informing them. Many start in the MLM where in other businesses in the idea of ​​making money without doing anything, except that we do not become rich just with an idea, we become rich working to become it, that whether it's marketing or not. We need to educate consumers about MLM scams to teach people what marketing is and how it works (and by extension also teach MLM and its good and bad practices as it is one marketing technique among others).

      Penalizing 100% of companies in a sector to protect 5% of consumers in the same sector who are in reality people attracted by the ease, greed and greed is not and will never be the solution .

      It takes everything to make a world, you need good companies, crooks, savvy customers and easy-to-fool customers. Moreover, without this type of client, a small company like BlogPasCher would not work, because the majority of people using the services of these types of companies are ex-con and small entrepreneurs can not find their way because certainly not made for entrepreneurship.

      One last thing: in my opinion scams related to financial independence, easy money and entrepreneurship for all will always work, simply because there will always be people to dream of easy money and because, contrary to what some say to you, entrepreneurship is absolutely not for everyone.

      1. Hello Charles,

        Thank you for this very informative comment. I greatly appreciate your point of view, which is both impartial and fair. This is the purpose of this article, to help people understand.

  55. I tested several MLM companies, I was asked to pay an autoship of 100 euros per month, I earned 2 euros monthly, I was told at least you win money lol, 100 euros every month to win 2 it does not interest me. Each time it's the same music, the product is perfect, it's the best of the market etc, I turned the page of the MLM, a crooks trap in my opinion

  56. Hello Thierry:

    Thank you for your article. I am totally wrong with some points. I think we need to tell the truth to the prospects during the presentations of our activity. But I remain convinced that Network Marketing is a real business that just needs leaders to change their strategy by devoting more time to their dowlines.

    I agree with Guillaume also

    Thank you again for your article that allowed me to see clearly in the MLM.

  57. Hello Thierry,

    Thank you for your article. I respect this article and I agree with certain points in this article,

    However, I would raise another point that the system, the product, the company or the up-line ... and this point is us, the person in itself.

    Initially, we are driven by enthusiasm, we know our first successes through our contact list then come the first failures and it is here in my opinion that the work begins.

    That it is the methods of recruitment, sales (which are important even primordial, I do not say the contaire), the key point of the business is us and our personal development:
    - overcome failure
    - keep the vision of its objectives
    - training to acquire skills
    - do whatever you ask your partners
    - accompany its partners regularly

    All these points depend on us. When we take the responsibility of creating a network, we take the responsibility to be the example for its network and it is for me the big problem.

    In my early days, I was not always an example for my network and I still happen to do errator and it does not bring good results. When we recruit partners, it is up to us to take charge and they will certainly become our image. If we are not leaders (in the soul), if we do not practice on the térrain, then how to pretend to form.

    If each sponsor were examples in terms of action, training for themselves, then most of the points that you expose in your article would not pose a problem,

    For my part, everything is an example (and I have not always been a lol). In setting an example, I noticed that the results were of better quality. To give the example its can be to accompany its partner during its first sales, steps or other, its reassures, its increases its credibility and leadership,

    Another point where I agree with you. To quickly become leaders in his MLM, 2 to 3h a day seem to me ric rac apart unless a good marketing system is set up,

    Finally, I would not say that the MLM is "m ... e" but we must have a realistic vision of what the MLM. It's a real business where you have to dedicate time for action, personal training and training of your partners. For my part, I see it as a real business,

    @ soon

    Guillaume Régnier

    1. Hello William,

      Your comment is simply PERFECT! It completes my article pretty well. You're right to see network marketing as a real business. And like any business, it needs a minimum required to grow and generate revenue.

      Let's just hope that some distributors see this from this angle ...

  58. Hello Thierry,
    This is certainly a beautiful article. A good network marketer is necessarily a lawless man. While well-established companies pay a human resources service that will recruit good salespeople, Network Marketing chooses to pay nothing at all. They charge an army of desperate men by shimmering big commissions on what they will never sell. But in the meantime we will pocket their money for registration and other pseudo-training.

    What shows the bad faith or sometimes frightening unconsciousness of these people is the following: we meet an introverted man looking for a job (and who does not even know how to sell the real skills he has) who obviously does not have the slightest talent as a salesman and he is told that he has a job for him. All he has to do is place products at his friends and family. There are quite a lot of people who are awake and do not immediately understand what it is about. The result is that they register, participate in testimony sessions where we see extras telling how their life has become a long Sunday thanks to company. Of course, it makes our man dream that comes home promising himself to be the best seller of all time. But he is what he is, an introvert who knows nothing about sales techniques. Time passes, he sold nothing and received nothing from the company. But he must live! He understands for himself that network marketing is not for him and is actively looking for a job. Why did he lose his money and his time when it was obvious that our man was not a salesman?

    I really believe that your book should be popularized to warn the largest number to save them time and money.


    1. Hello Mesmin,

      First of all, I want to thank you for your comment. You're right to link with sales skills because it's simply impossible to succeed in a network marketing business until you know how to sell or promote a product ... whether it's on internet or outside.

      Again, it is possible to earn money with network marketing, but how in all niches, you need skills to succeed.

      Your comment is very relevant. Thanks again.


  59. Hello Thierry

    You say you do not want to crucify Network Marketing, but that's exactly what you did, and I understand Merry's comment that reading your article, infers that the MLM is, I quotes: "from the m ... e".

    You do not let any glimpse of positive, in any case, if that's the case, I did not notice it.

    However, I agree with a number of your words and like you, I disapprove of lies and other promises of quick gains, among others.


    1. Hello Sylvie,

      Yes you're right to point out that after reading this article, one might think my intention is to crucify network marketing. Not as I said, this is an excerpt from an ebook that I wrote in order to highlight some myths related to this activity. By downloading the book, we understand better the meaning of this article.

      Download the book and you will better understand the meaning of the article.

      Otherwise, I am very happy to read you again on this blog.


    2. I just read your article and it's very interesting. An acquaintance has integrated a mlm (Ps2 travel). Their offer is very attractive (income, satisfactory working conditions in terms of time, etc.). By integrating this kind of structure, we integrate a large family (some publish and others join and vice versa). The godchildren are constantly rewarded. But by browsing a little bit facebook social network, what bothers me is that this concept is similar to a sect. The word is a little strong perhaps ... It's pure marketing. Having no skills at all and do not share the desire to win at all costs "on the back" of my contacts, this concept makes me uncomfortable. It only binds me of course. Thank you for your article.

  60. Thank you for article but ...

    I am completely lost.

    What is the difference between network marketing, mlm, email marketing, affiliation?

    A small definition in 1 line each will be welcome.

    1. Hello Sebastien,

      In a nutshell, network marketing or multi-level marketing is different from email marketing but is not very far from affiliation. This is another form of affiliation with some differences ...

      Who else has something to add before I give a definitive definition?

    1. Hello Merry,

      No ! Network marketing is not m *** e. It is a lucrative business for anyone who knows how to exploit it. I know people who live on it. This article is an excerpt from my ebook "MLM: the hidden face of the iceberg". It states some popular myths that ruin hundreds of thousands of Internet users each year.

      Through this article, I especially wanted to talk about the hidden side of the mlm, this godfathers and companies do not always tell their distributors. This is just a warning to distributors who also have their responsibilities.

      Once again, mlm is a real opportunity for anyone who knows how to exploit it.

      Good day for you too.

      1. In Thierry Bertrand's article, words come back in a loop: VERITE-MENSONGE, FACTS-ILLUSIONS.
        The Network Marketing Distributor candidate should, in my opinion, require that the Company
        Sells him or offers him a smartphone app, thanks to which he could
        make realistic projections of activity. In just a few clicks, there will be a choice of scenarios
        Of the network, according to the quantified objectives. And therefore the corresponding remuneration.
        It would be simple, objective and cut the grass under the feet of the hucksters. I doubt that any company practicing Network Marketing will spontaneously play the game of transparency. It's up to us to oblige. How? 'Or' What? Thanks to a European law in this matter.
        Long and hard fight in perspective! ... but at the height of the stake.

        Gabriel Lefizelier

        1. Hello Anonymous,

          Thank you for the advice, I just hope it will bring concrete solutions to people. For me, prevention will always be better ...

    2. I confirm, we make good money in network marketing. It depends on the society where you are. To really make money with this kind of system. You have to be patient and courageous. Many give up because of a mismanagement of their emotions. They hear 5 "no" if they drop! Yet you have to persevere. When you succeed in this environment. You're not afraid of anything, you're really capable of doing incredible things.

      For those who hesitate, run! Point! Even if you fail, it will serve as a lesson!

      Personally, I'm still in it. And, I learned to sell in the real world, if you do not know how to sell you died in the movie.

      If you have any questions,

      See you soon !

    3. Hello

      Yes, some people manage to live and even live well.
      The big problem is that you have to BOSS! and sometimes much more than in a normal job so this is unfortunately only for some people and most importantly, not for everyone.

      How many auto entrepreneurs drop after a few months? how many new boxes survive after 1, 2, 3? it's the same you have to BOSSER and sometimes not have a result! In short, it is a marketing system that comes from liberal countries and not state assisted countries. This is where there is a wall to go.

      Ah 77% of auto entrepreneurs give up before 5 years:


      1. Thank you for enlightening me a little more about the marketing environment because I was thinking about joining a marketing company called "Elixor Network" I do not know if you know.
        Thank you

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