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Want to improve the growth of your blog and achieve success faster with your blog?
Here are 4 quick and effective tips that will help you do it right.

1. Have a great vision
From the first (successful) blog to the other thousands existing to date, all respond effectively to these three main issues:

  • About me
  • What is the main subject of my blog? In other words, what do I blog on?
  • How does it help others?

The more you are clear and communicate the answers to these questions fairly well, the more you gain in clarity and efficiency. In fact, vision and clarity are the two main drivers of all successful blogs ... and all online businesses.

As blogger, you must clearly define, who you are – why and what you blog about and especially for whom you blog. It is important to set a main goal and stick to it. Do not spread yourself too thin because all successful bloggers only focus on their vision, on the main purpose of their blog.

2. Have a very good product
Un blogger who wants to reach the heights and earn a lot of money from his blog must absolution are ''obsessed'' by the quality (not the perfectionism) of what it produces. It always means writing useful and practical content.

Your first product is your content. It does not matter if you decide to sell it or not. If you really want to get noticed, write articles that not only help your readers improve their understanding of your niche, but also allows them to move forward in their project. The quality of an article depends on the impact it has on your readers.

3. Focus on those who need you
A company that focuses on those who need its services is progressing and progressing faster than a company that tries to please everyone.

It is the same with the blogging. A blogger who tries to blog on all subjects will never achieve success as quickly as another (with equal skill) who blogs on one main subject and tackles the other subjects to reinforce understanding and effectiveness of the main one.

It is also valid with the sale of your products. Do not try to convince people who do not need (or do not think they need) your product. Focus your efforts to the satisfaction of those who really need your services. We all blog for our (potential) readers. Do you only know what yours need?

4. Remember: service is the best form of marketing
Let's say instead that the quality of the relationship is the best form of marketing. The closer you are to your readers, the more you show them that you want to know more about their real needs, the more you involve them in building your blog… the more they will talk about you and your blog.

Content is useless if the relationship does not follow. And if you sell products, know that the quality of your service will always be the best form of marketing.

Here are the main 6 reasons why people stop doing business with a company:
1. 1% die
2. 3% move away (no longer lives in the same city)
3. 5% develop other relationships
4. 9% leave for competitive reasons
5. 14% are dissatisfied with the product
6. 68% go elsewhere because of the bad way they were treated by the company's employees.

The quality of your relationship with your readers is at the very heart of your blog marketing. Neglect this aspect and success will get away from you even if you use other sources of traffic such as Facebook or Google AdWords.

So what do you think of this article? Are there any other tips you can offer? Please leave a comment below to let me know please.


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