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Blogger Beginner's Guide: 13 lessons to start your blog

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If there is one thing that every novice blogger is looking for, it's a guide who shows them step by step how to create and build a successful blog. Sadly, this kind of guide does not exist.

No ebook, no video training or other document can avoid the many failures that await you. We can show you how to do a thing, how to save time by doing it, how to save money or how to avoid making mistakes ... but nothing and no one can shelter you from the best opportunity to learn: thefailure.

Firstly, because between practice and result there is the competence (which you do not have yet). Second, because it is another person's experience and results in a context that is not and will not be yours.

During these last 4 years, I created several blogs and a company (SeePlusgrand, LLC). Before being successful, I made my mistakes and learned from them. If I had to start all over again, I would certainly do things differently.

To avoid making the same mistakes as me, I decided to share (In the form of advice) all those lessons I learned in 4 years of blogging.

1. Do not blog about the news
I give you this advice because within your niche, there are certainly dozens of other people who are already blogging about the news. Why do the same thing? And while it's true that starting a blog on news increases the chances of generating traffic, I do not recommend this approach because it does not allow you to bring value to your readers.

Do not be obsessed with the traffic that you can generate, what matters is not the traffic but the value you bring to your readers.

2. Choose a niche
My first was about internet marketing, the problem is that there are far too many blogs on this topic. Then I started a blog (GP) on home work on the internet. Once again, I realized two things: Almost everyone was talking about it and my blog was too general.

Finally, I launched a blog about blogging. But this time, I directed him to tips and tricks for beginner bloggers. This time I had a well-defined target. And I was not wrong to make this choice because thanks to him, I was able to create and build a popular blog.

Before you start, so be sure to clearly define the target for which you are going to blog. To learn more about choosing the best topic for your blog, I recommend the following resource: How to choose a profitable niche for your blog?

Another thing, choose a niche blog topic whose lifespan is long. Many bloggers find themselves quickly running out of content ideas because of the unpopularity of their niche.

3. Be passionate
It is almost impossible to build a successful blog when you are not passionate about the subject on which you blog. If you are not passionate, your readers will know it and will not come back to your blog. On the other hand, blogging requires a lot of sacrifices (time - money - energy)without passion, you will give up after only a few moments.

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4. Learn how to monetize your blog
There is nothing wrong with monetize his blog. You spend your time providing solutions to your readers, so it is normal to be rewarded for that. If you do not blog to make money, go to the next point. If so, I think you'd better learn how to monetize your blog.

Personally, I earn my living on the internet thanks to my company SeePlusGrand, LLC who is specialized in creating webmarketing and e-commerce solutions for all.

In other words, my income comes from:

  • Services offered on my site (WordPress installation - blog personalization, ecommerce website creation, etc.)
  • From the sale of my ebooks
  • From my training (blogger's school)
  • As well as my coachings

Monetizing a blog does not depend on the product you are selling (Or resell)it depends on the skill you have.

5. Do not spend a fortune on designing your blog
At first, I was convinced that if I spent without counting on the design of my blog, then all the chances would be on my side. Only after spending more than 2700 euros About the design of my first blog (without results) that I understood that the solution was elsewhere.

Having a professionally designed blog certainly plays an important role in the conversion, but that does not guarantee you popularity.

By the way, most of the most popular blogs have a simplified design. The content and optimization of a blog is much more important than its design. All that matters is that your blog is useful and well designed.

6. Have a unique design
It's more about originality than anything else. Personalize your themes if you do not want to create confusion between your blog and that of hundreds of other customers who bought the same theme as you. Your blog must have a unique visual identity.

For example:

  • Change the default theme
  • Change design
  • Modify the structure of the sidebar
  • And many more functions

And if you do not know anything about it, you can always contact the site who will do it for you. So you will not only save time but also skill.

7. Create detailed content
If you read the first articles I posted on this blog, you will notice that they are not detailed enough. This wrong approach had a negative impact on my traffic. But once I started to write and publish detailed articles on my blog, the number of visitors started to climb and that's not all ... my monthly income also climbed.

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The more useful content you have on your blog, the more visitors you have, and the more visitors you have, the more chances you have to generate more revenue.

8. Answer each commentator
The biggest mistake I made in my early days was taking my commentators for granted. If I had answered all the comments left on my blog, I think that the list of subscribers to my newsletter would certainly be bigger.

Today, I know how crucial it is to answer every comment left on my blog. Either it's about severe or unfounded criticism, compliments and remarks, I now take the time to answer each comment. This allows me to improve my blog and my knowledge of the expectations of my readers.

9. Create relationships with other bloggers
Whether building a popular blog or selling your products and services, you'll need the support of other bloggers. Unfortunately for me, it took me two years to understand it. Even worse, I lost many partners because I got so bad at first.

Learn how to create profitable partnerships. Be careful, I'm not asking you to join these clans of bloggers whose only goal is to extract maximum money from poor beginners ...

10. Choose the best blog platform
To date, WordPress is for many, the best blogging platform in the world. It is also the most popular. With WordPress, no need to depend on your webmaster, you can do everything yourself. This represents a huge saving of time and money.

Choosing a bad platform for your blog will only complicate your life. You will spend more time complaining than moving forward in your project.

11. Do not write for search engines
Many SEO professionals have blogs that generate thousands of visitors a day. However, more than 95% of people who visit these blogs are very often disappointed by the quality of the content and style.

Write for your readers and the search engines will reward you for that. Every article you publish must solve a specific problem and the style you use when writing must be understandable to a human if not:

  • No one will read your articles until the end
  • Nobody will share your content on social networks
  • People will leave your blog immediately after loading
  • No one will come back to your blog

And all this will have disastrous consequences on your SEO.

Be careful, I'm not saying that you should not optimize your articles, no. I'm just trying to make you understand you must focus on the problems of your readers and not on the traffic that you can generate.

12. Tell a story
Do not be shy and do not be ashamed to tell how much you made mistakes (a bit like I did in this article). This approach allows you to create more personal relationships with your readers.

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13. It's not about you but your readers.
Who does not want to tell how successful he was? The problem is that people do not like reading blogs on which the content is only intended to extol the success of its author. Like many newbie bloggers, I did it in my early days ... but fortunately, I was brought back to order when I realized the consequences.

Instead of boasting each time in your articles, write with the intention to educate, to be useful.

Do you have a lesson to share? Please share it with us in the comments section.

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This article features 4 comments

  1. Hi Thierry,
    Well done for the authenticity of your words and the advice given, this is indeed the key to a successful blog. And I confirm that WordPress is a very nice platform to start blogging!


  2. Hello Thierry,

    These 13 lessons perfectly summarize all the steps a newbie blogger should take. Me personally, I try to apply most of these tips on my blog.

    Thank you for this precious reminder!


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