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The content is not king ... here is what is!

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Hm ... I see you already.

Try to ask what happens to me. Is it not the same Paul Kellin who has often told us that content is king? Thierry Bertrand himself says it every day on this blog. But what happens to them on this blog? But it's pure contradiction!

Hmm ... no. 🙂

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Content is what carries the values ​​we want to convey. It is his characteristics which give him this place of king, which can not be removed from him. But when we dig deeper, we realize that there is behind each content, a motive. And in fact, as we often say, he who governs is not the king, but his counselors.

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In other words, the real king is not necessarily the one who sits on the chair (The content in this case) Although it is he who carries the crown, but it is he who motivates him, who gives him this form: I do not speak of the author, but I speak of the "toreason (s).

Let us evolve in the article, and allow me to make you understand my point.

Over the years, King's place has been granted to many entities«

We started by saying that blogging was king, and it is an assertion that grew in popularity about 15 years ago, at the same time as the mentioned activity.

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Then we gave the crown to the content, to the community, to Twitter ... (🙂 Yes! ). It is a bit normal for things to evolve in this way, since the "community" aspect has a place of undeniable importance to this day (and many bloggers have forgotten their blogs for the benefit of Twitter.

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Facebook also took over, while creating pages was the buzzword. We will certainly not forget YouTube, then Instagram, Pinterest ... Social networks have been the pride of royalty in the arguments of many lovers of the web.

Now everyone gives of his person, and There is a new king every day " infographics, podcasting, hangouts, applications, webinars, gifographies ... go ahead, let go! : )

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The arguments that grant the place of king to all these things are not bad, but in a way, they all miss out on what underlies my opinion today. I believe that in fact, something else is king.

As I said at the beginning, it's something that underlies the content, far beyond the desire to be "fashionable" or the sometimes selfish will of some to be " precursors " or some " creators » Trend (pff!)

Utility is the queen!

Creating content, in fact, is a way to be useful, and I will add that the content and form of your content demonstrate whether it is born of deep and sincere desire to be useful or simply to be seen and heard.

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Building a community is another way to be useful.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and G + are just other ways to provide utility.

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Infographics, podcasts, videos, and even blogging, are just various ways to be useful.

If you do an analysis of the canvas over time, you will realize that a multitude of trends have emerged, and a good amount have gone out. The only ones who stay and have built valuable businesses are those who understand that they are on the web to be useful. Business in fact is the utility.

Many wonder if blogging will not go away in the years to come. I can not give you an answer, and maybe the blogging will be on the spot someday, but I do not see it disappearing anytime soon.

How to be useful?

How to be useful as a blogger and web entrepreneurs?

I think it Understand the needs of people and create content, communities, and experiences to meet those needs and solve their problems.

There are many ways to do it (non-exhaustive list):

  • education
  • informations
  • membership
  • Tricks
  • opinion
  • enhancement
  • entertainment
  • ...

BlogPasCher relies on many of these points (tips, reinforcement, education ...), and other blogs are just as useful taking different approaches.

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So my question today is this: Is your blog useful?

This is a question I ask myself each time I write an article, and each time I see what I'm doing in general. If the answer for you is no, it's time to change focus!

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This article features 3 comments
  1. Effectively! Any reader going on a blog expects to find answers to his questions, to find something that will be useful.
    As long as you dedicate your blog to this, you can rest assured that your readers will come back.
    Many things Celine.
    Paul Emmanuel.

  2. Hello,

    The blog is there to help, as you say, it must be useful. Yes, my blog really helps visitors in their health research: my blog gives them answers on different topics that affect them. In fact I also have another blog, There I talk about relations between parents / children. I suggest ways of doing things, entertainment through small stories, I fly over the essential stages of the child's life, I propose actions to make parents / children more enjoyable and more functional. Yes, I feel like helping. Besides, it should be the primary mission of all blogs.


    1. Good evening Céline,

      As long as you are useful to others, this is the most important. And that's exactly what your readers expect of you.


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