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How to make money on the internet through your blog?

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Want to earn money on the internet with a blog? Here's how.

With all these scams and pseudo opportunities that pollute online work from home, with all these blogging trainings that promise fortune and prosperity without ever offering anything concrete to those who buy them, they are more and more many wonder if it is really possible to make money on the internet from a blog.

  • Is it really possible to make a living from a blog?
  • Should you belong to a group of "influential" bloggers to earn money?
  • Should it be necessary to write articles on topics that revolve around money?

These are all questions that surfers, and I understand them because there is much too much misinformation on the subject.

On the one hand, there are those who claim to earn hundreds of thousands of euros in just a few weeks and who claim to teach you how to do the same. The odd thing is that these allegations are usually accompanied by the launch of a product or service. 

On the other hand, I see bloggers publish many articles about the impossibility of making money on the internet through a blog. According to them, anyone who claims to generate income from his blog is either a crook, a liar or so, is someone who sells a product or service related to the theme of money online.

In fact, I will say that the reality is between these two extremes and it depends largely on the experience of each.

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Then back to why we are here.

Personally, my experience allows me to recognize the following realities:

1. It is possible to make money from a blog

I've been blogging for almost 15 years now, and I'm making a pretty good living with this activity. I would not tell you exactly how much I earn every month because the amount varies depending on the month, but it's at least 5000€ per month.

I did not always earn that amount. In fact, like many other successful bloggers, I started earning only a few euros a month, and that amount started to climb with time and effort. What was only a part-time job yesterday, soon became a full-time job. Now it's a company that employs other people.

I admit that I had the chance to start a blog at a convenient time and on an interesting topic.

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I am not the only one in this case, because I know many bloggers French and Anglo-Saxon who earn quite a good life through their blogs. And some of them only blog from 2 to 3 years ago.

For some, it is a hobby, and for others, it is a part-time job that allows them to supplement the income generated by their "Real work". But I also know hundreds who have never really earned a penny through their blog.

2. No blog brings in money.

Many people buy training because they see them as miracle solutions that will immediately make them a lot of money from their blog. Then it is the same who, when they are confronted with the harsh reality of the environment, who complain that "it does not work".  

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The truth is that only your skill or the one you are developing can help you make money. As good as it is, no product can sell itself, it is absolutely necessary a seller's competence behind.

This is neither your product with resale rights or private label, nor your training to 2000€ that will allow you to get rich on the internet overnight. Knowing how to write articles, promote your blog, create your online store, etc. is not enough.

In fact, To make money from your blog, you need to develop a lot more skills.

3. There is not just one way to monetize a blog

Some people think that you should sell e-books, some services, and others, training. There is also affiliation.

Some bloggers even think it should absolutely talk about money on his blog to win but it's wrong! In fact, there are successful blogs on topics such as:

  • Diet
  • The fashion
  • The well-being
  • Cartoons
  • Finance
  • The hairstyle
  • Travel
  • Children's education
  • Mom's life
  • Web design
  • Meetings
  • The sleep
  • And much more

Most of the owners of these blogs dedicate their life to their blog. Regarding monetization, they use different methods:

  • Advertising
  • Training via member areas
  • E-books
  • membership
  • Selling Webinars
  • coaching
  • Conferences
  • Services like blogging, etc ...

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Some combine many of these forms of monetization. Everything depends once again on your knowledge and especially your skills.

4. There are no magic formulas

This part is a sting reminder of the 2 point above.

Many entrepreneurs claim to have products "Miracles" that will show you steps in stages how to make a lot of money on the internet. The most amazing thing is that they "guarantee" results.

My personal experience and that of the hundreds of entrepreneurs I know who have followed these trainings without any concrete results do not allow me to share this point of view.

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There is no magic formula!

Every successful blogger I know has built his success over the years. In addition, each of them has a history unique to tell. Their success depends largely on their intuitions and discoveries surprising on their way. In fact, it mostly depends on how well they helped their target audience to solve the problems they were having.

There are certainly similarities in most stories, but each blogger has his own history and its own styleeach has a different audience. The monetization of a blog will always depend on the niche it belongs to.

The moral of this story is thatno success is duplicable, and no training can show you all the steps that lead to success. It can help you understand your market and the tools you need, but it's up to you to chart your own path.

5. Most bloggers do not work full time

And it's also one of the reasons why many bloggers do not make enough money through their blog.

On 1508 bloggers recently surveyed about their monthly earnings here is what emerges:

  • 10% do not win and have never won anything on the internet
  • 28% earn less 10€
  • 25% earn between 10 - 99 €
  • 17% earn between 100 - 499 €
  • 11% earn between 500 - 999 €
  • 7% earn between 1000 - 9999 €
  • 2% only earn more than  1000€

Keep in mind once and for all that those who work plus et good will always earn more money than those who work less et times (or). Some bloggers have understood this, and this is why the number of bloggers who are now working full-time is growing.

Do not believe all those dream merchants who try to make you believe that 2 at 3 hours a day is more than enough (thanks to their method) to make a lot of money.

6. It takes time to build a success

In the different income brackets given above, most of those who make less money from their blog are beginners. Others have blogged for years looking for quick fixes, and until they understand the essence of blogging, no matter how many years, they are beginners to me.

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No matter if you have chosen the perfect topic for your blog, it takes time to build a success. And here I am talking about years. Personally, it took me 4 years to start winning 5000 € minimum thanks to my blog.

Blogging just to make money doesn't really get rich quick enough. Before hoping to earn 3000 euros per month, you must first Build a loyal audience, create and grow a brand, earn the trust of your prospects, have a good reputation, create products that improve people's lives, and much more.

And all this can be put in place within weeks. Trust and reputation can not be bought, they are built. So do not count on your money.

7. It takes a lot of work

Longevity is not the only key to a successful blog. The other common factor for successful bloggers is the exceptional and the amount of the work they do or do. Laziness and blog do not go together. You should not see blogging as a source of passive income because this will have the disadvantage of developing your laziness.

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For example, it takes a lot of knowledge and especially hard work to create content on a daily basis. You also need it to create products, optimize your blog, respond to customers, build an audience, build loyalty, etc.

In fact, blogging is anything but easy.

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The key here is to build blogs originals, interesting et helpful. Blogs that improve people's lives and help them reach their goals. Believe me, it takes a lot of hard work and knowledge to do that. So I wish you good luck.

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So YES, it is possible to make money from his blog. The number of people who earn it continues to grow every day, even if it is a minority.

Those who live blogging come from a wide range of niches and what they have in common is: longevity, work, competence, the need to be helpful, the desire to always learn and patience .

So what do you think of this article? Please leave a comment to let me know.


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  1. Thank you for this very enriching article. I am a regular reader and appreciate the quality of the articles.

  2. Hi, thanks for this great blog.
    I have been a regular reader for the past few months and appreciate the quality of the articles.
    For me, what works is paid clicks.

  3. Hello and thank you for this great blog…
    I have been a regular reader for many weeks and appreciate the quality of the articles.
    For me, cryptocurrencies also work very well in relation to internet gain;

  4. Hello there, it is now easy to earn money on the internet with several methods. I discovered a simple method that pays well

  5. Hi
    I find your blog super interesting and being a regular reader, your articles are super enriching.
    Thank you and see you soon.

  6. Hello and thank you for this great blog to earn money well being.
    I have been a regular reader for many weeks and appreciate the quality of the articles.
    Thank you see you soon on other articles.

  7. Hello,
    Thank you for this great blog which gives us clarifications on the job on the net. I have been a regular reader for many weeks and I appreciate the quality of your articles.

  8. Hello and thank you for this great blog to earn money a good astus in this article!
    I am a regular reader for many weeks and already appreciated the quality of articles

    Thank you and soon on other articles.

  9. Hello, very good blog and explain how to make money on the internet. we all dream of it and some happen but it's true that not everything is done in 1 week, it takes perseverance.
    good luck to all

  10. Hello and thank you for this superb blog I have been a regular reader for many weeks and appreciate the quality of your articles.
    Thank you and see you soon on other articles.

  11. cc uh I will have a question for my part I work on skyrook its a skyblog on which I post fiction I have 180 fans and I do not know how we do for monetized could help me please

  12. Hi Thierry,

    Thank you for this article even if other people are still being fooled by promises of 1000 € from the first week.

    In addition to these different points mentioned in your article, I would add that to be successful online, you have to know how to take advantage of the work of others. These are the most important keys to success.

    It should not be forgotten that we have 24 hours in the day otherwise 12 hours normally. So we can not do it all alone. Thus, by delegating certain tasks, you could very easily make a maximum of profits in that you will only have to concentrate on the tasks requiring your particular attention.



    1. Hello Yves,

      I see you coming when you talk about outsourcing work. 🙂

      Otherwise thank you for your contribution.

  13. Hi

    Ultimately it is the competence of each individual that produces results.
    Ok, but the skill lies in training. Training
    gives us the experience of those who are successful in their field.

    Now no profession can be learned in a month. So it will really take
    invest in increasing our skills.

    In any case, he who does not believe in him will find it difficult to bet on his success.
    So are not the methods that are involved, but our inner quality.

    Personally having a good knowledge in the personal development,
    I have to learn other skills to be successful on the internet.

    However, the internet is a real opportunity that allows talent to express itself.
    I do not know how long I would be a part of those who totally live from their blog.

    But with certainty I know that it takes two years to acquire a graduate trade and almost two more years to exit from the status of beginner. So for those who don't make money, please be patient.

    Because in any case you improve over time. And the internet is full of information that can
    allow you to make considerable progress in order to increase your inner potential.

    So good courage to all and success in your business.

    ps: sorry for the spelling mistakes the corrections are impossible

    1. Hello Mathieu,

      I want to thank you for this very constructive comment. It is very appreciated 🙂


    2. Totally agree with you Mathieu, personal development and essential to change trajectory and its current case for me. Situations in life require you to choose either to lament yourself and go for it, or to take charge and move forward.

      Support is important.

      1. I agree with both of you. The proof, in all my training, I always devote at least two weeks to personal development because I believe that you have to prepare yourself to receive what you want.

        He does not know himself, he will never understand the world.

  14. Hello Thierry,

    All in all, the blissful enthusiasm and the fashionable attitude have always made me uncomfortable. In the film "in search of happiness" with Will Smith a character tells this "joke": A drowning man asks for help from God, then a fishing boat arrives promptly to lift him out of the water. Our saved then turns away from the arms that were helping him and adds: "I asked for help from God not yours and soon after our castaway is swallowed up ”.
    Thank you all and good day.

  15. Hello Thierry,

    Overall I like the reality of your article.

    @ Sébastien: I don't agree on one of your points because I only have a secondary 2 🙂

  16. Well, almost everything is said. In my opinion there is no "ONE" solution.
    One technique can make a person succeed but not another.

    I noticed that those who live on the Internet are studying. Except one, Christian Godefroy who unfortunately left us 1 week ago. His profession was editing and copywriting.

    In summary, let's talk and share our passions, because no one knows everything and it is not that he believes that its works for him that its will work for someone else. Everyone needs a different ingredient and their own elements to move forward.

    Nothing your personal coaching to find its own way.

    It's my opinion !

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