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5 Email Marketing Tips to Drive Your Readers to Action

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There are tips on e-mail marketing shovel and a little everywhere ... and they are even sometimes contradictory.

Often send marketing e-mails very often ... Do not send too much commercial e-mail to your prospects.

Focus on content, not design ... Design can make or break your campaigns.

All of this might make you want to give up the idea right now, but there is at least a good reason not to drop emails:

E-mail marketing works. It's even one of the earliest forms of digital marketing, and it's still one of the most effective ways to get tangible results for your business.

Good old methods still work

E-mail marketing precedes banner ads, SEO, social networking, and basically any other form of advertising. Internet marketing.

A study has shown that for every euro invested in email marketing, 44.25 Euros is the average return on investment; which raises it well above any other form of digital marketing.

So here are 5 contemporary means that will allow you to maximize the potential of email marketing your business.

1. Train yourself in the field

You can analyze your organization's e-mail activity to understand your prospects, their actions, motivations, and preferences.

Email marketing and site analysis tools like AWeber ou MailChimp , allow you to test aspects of your email campaigns and visualize user interaction. The goal is to improve your marketing efforts through more precise targeting.

Use A / B tests, track clicks, and more. in your campaigns by e-mail to get information about reader behavior (Or prospects).

2. Do surveys

Just like analyzing the emails you send gives you deep insights into your consumers and how they interact with your email, you can use email marketing to ask them questions about what you're doing. they need, their views, their opinions, directly.

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The emails you have in your database constitute a captive and perfectly qualified audience to guide your decisions about your products or marketing, as these are entirely designed for and by your current and potential customers.

To test the possibility of your brand being loved, submit your audience to email surveys about their satisfaction levels, interests and needs, or even about potential product ideas. The options are unlimited, and will help you build rapport with your readership.

3. Combine e-mails and social networks

Many people make the mistake of simply adding social share buttons in their emails.

This action is, so to speak, incomplete.

On the page you have on a social network, add a tab " Inscrivez-vous », Or add a link« Inscrivez-vous When you update.

On the other hand, also make e-mail campaigns to increase the number of your fans on social networks.

4. Encourage consumer engagement

Email marketing can be as effective as social media (if not, more) when it comes to engaging consumers on a personal level. More so, it's a measurable action, which can be linked to actual dollar amounts, in terms of engagement and sales.

Be creative when designing e-mails to engage your audience.

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See beyond updates for products, the latest corporate information, the niche, and other strategies that will lull readers to sleep.

Why not encourage them to make their opinions heard?

Why not excite them with elections and challenges with attractive prices at the end?

Why not think about these pop quizzes about what they like and dislike that will help you build a complete user profile?

5. Reorient your emails based on site activity

By reorienting your emails, you can target the varied actions of those of your consumers who systematically reject automated emails. These actions can be an incomplete registration, or an interrupted purchase on the way.

Send incentive emails in the hour after the action, and clearly highlight the action you hope the consumer will do.

For example, clearly describe the abandoned shopping cart on the way (a visual reminder often helps to overcome indecision and causes the completion of the previously abandoned action).

Do not include discounts or packages offered in these redirected e-mails. Book these deals for cases where your first email has no answer.

For an e-mail campaign to be redirected, you will need toAt least 3 e-mails.

It's your turn!

Email remains one of the most important technologies on the web. And when done correctly, email marketing can be a very powerful tool.

Even at this time when social networks are in first place, 91% of all e-mail users check their e-mails at least once a day.

Email marketing would be even three times more effective than social networks today.

So do not break the potential of emails with social content, which will leave your audience embarrassed.

Dare, with your communication by e-mail. Remember, it costs nothing to be creative in an e-mail, but the reward you can get from an effective e-mail marketing campaign can go beyond what you imagine.

What are some techniques that help you connect with your readers and establish your brand authority?

It's your turn to speak ! (Finally, the keyboard is yours ...)

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