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70 Tips for creating e-commerce website (online store) profitable

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E-commerce is gaining momentum over the years. Today, even pharmacies sell drugs on the internet. Normal! Most "traditional" traders have understood very well that if they want to double or even triple their incomes, they must absolutely create an online store (e-commerce site).

However, simply creating or installing a merchant site is not enough. For it to generate a maximum of income, it would have to be seller. Sadly, very few e-commerce sites are really designed to allow their owners to sell more products in less time.

Here are some practical tips that will help you create an online store optimized for maximum sales and revenue. The list is non-exhaustive…

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The website in general:

  • Take a hosting plan for at least 2. The number of years plays a role in the quality of SEO of a website. Preferably, order your own web hosting plan and let the webmaster take care of the installation and configuration of your e-commerce site. This will protect you from any inconvenience thereafter.
  • Use a CMS such as WordPress to create your website. If the creation of your site is entrusted to someone else, then insist on this point because this approach will not only bring you more autonomy in the management of the site, but it will also provide an evolutionary solution. To create your shop on WordPress is to bet on the future. Here is a tutorial on installing a WordPress site: How to install WordPress in 7 simple steps
  • Opt for a professional design. You will find specially designed WordPress themes for sale on one of these sites you will find a list of topics on this page.
  • Choose a logo that is both simple and beautiful. Avoid extravagance.
  • Avoid flash sites

Site configuration

Before you even install the store on your site, you must first configure it to the minimum. In fact, if you use WordPress, then you must:

  • Change the link structure (permalink) of the site
  • Set up akismet to block unwanted comments
  • Install plugins that will allow you tospeed up speed loading your site. Sites that take a long time to load are usually badly referenced on Google.
  • Secure your website against hacker attacks. Nowadays, the hacking of websites is at the origin of the commercial failure of several hundreds of companies. Do not take the subject lightly and read this article: How to protect your blog and secure your data
  • Add share buttons to each page of your site.

There are certainly many other things to do to optimize your site. Check out the guide to the best WordPress plugins.

The essential pages of the site

Your e-commerce site should have the following pages:

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  • A page " Home "
  • A page " Contact "
  • A page " about "
  • A page "Faq"
  • A page " Contact "
  • A page "GTC" (terms and conditions of sales)
  • A page "Terms of Use"

Optimize your shop

  • Add a pop-up that will keep you in touch with your site visitors
  • Speed ​​up the loading speed of your site. Slow sites are generally less well referenced. The Cloudflare service should speed up the loading speed of your e-commerce site. You can visit the site:
  • Reduce the size of images used on your shop.
  • Use the least possible redirections
  • Optimize your home page
  • Clearly define a list of countries allowed to order on your online store
  • Optimize your merchant's menu (Use the mega-menus)
  • Avoid a vague category structure. The more precise you are, the better
  • Put your best categories in focus
  • Avoid whimsical categories, create categories based on popular searches of your customers
  • Use a catchy slogan (seller)
  • Automate the notification of depleted stocks
  • Avoid displaying too many unnecessary buttons on the order page of your online store.
  • Personalize your pageerreur 404. In other words, add your flagship products to your 404 page (results not found).
  • Optimize the thank you message displayed to customers after an order. The message must be both catchy and seller.

Install the online store

Many e-commerce plugins allow you to create a professional e-commerce store on your WordPress site. It all depends on your budget and / or your knowledge.

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It all depends on the knowledge you have about using one of these plugins and software (Prestashop - oSCommerce - Woocommerce - etc.). But if like most beginners you have no technical knowledge, then the quality of your shop will depend on the budget you have available.

Again, I strongly recommend that you offer the services of the French leader in creating cheap e-commerce sites: - In addition to the very low price, you will enjoy a quality of support unmatched in the market.

But if you decide to install your own shop, then I recommend the WooCommerce plugin that you can download here. It is a powerful e-commerce extension, professional and above all, easy to use.

Here is a tutorial that shows you how to create an e-commerce site with the WooCommerce plugin.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, it will automatically create all the pages your shop will need. As for the options to add to your shop, please consult BlogPasCher because the list is really long and specific skills are required at this stage.

For the moment, here are some tips that will help you optimize your site for sale and maximum revenue.

Increase sales

The better you know the needs of your customers, the better your shop will be and the bigger your income.

Easily create your Online Store

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  • Add a short introductory video on the homepage of your e-commerce site
  • See the top selling products on the home page of your online store
  • Offer different payment (Paypal, 2checkout, Bank transfer, payment at reception, check, credit cards)
  • Avoid repeating the descriptions of your suppliers (risk of duplicate content)
  • Let your customers know more about their research
  • Avoid writing vague product descriptions
  • Use professional quality images
  • Only use images that illustrate your products well enough
  • Post a product search form based on price, category, popularity, etc.
  • Create presentation videos for the best products in your shop
  • Clearly display prices. Avoid surprising your customers
  • Improve your customers' experience by adding creative (delivery) calculators
  • See clearly the delivery dates of your products
  • Offer your customers the possibility of defining the delivery date of products purchased on your e-commerce site
  • Offer reimbursement terms that reassure your customers
  • Probe your different prospects
  • Add a live chat system for more interactions
  • Regularly survey your clients
  • Avoid asking your customers to fill in the same information in two different forms on your order page (delivery address and billing address). This will have the disadvantage of reducing the number of orders.
  • Allow dynamic pre-filling of your form fields
  • Clearly mark mandatory fields
  • Submit examples of how to fill in the different fields
  • Verify that all fields to be filled are visible
  • The size of the fields to fill must be the same for all
  • Use Facebook Connection
  • Be precise on your different buttons
  • Do not force all your customers to register before ordering. Registration must be offered as an option
  • Make sure your order process is clearly displayed. The customer must know exactly what is waiting for him.
  • Avoid surprising your customers with additional fees. This has the disadvantage of causing abandonment.
  • Add a pop-up that will invite your customers to give their email addresses in exchange for a discount coupon.
  • Add a virtual money system.
  • Offer free delivery of products ordered with X delay. Make sure the offer is visible enough in the customer's cart.
  • Make sure you have a shopping cart
  • Offer better guarantees than your competitors. Dare to go further if you want to have a chance to convert more, so make a lot more money than them. A customer who does not feel like taking a risk will always be able to control
  • Encourage your customers to rate products displayed and purchased on your online store. For example, you can offer them a discount coupon in exchange
  • Instead of asking your customers to sign up for your newsletter again, set up your registration form so that anyone who completes it is automatically registered to your newsletter. This is also valid for the purchase form. A plugin such as Gravityforms + AWeber should largely do the trick
  • Find and add the right keywords for each article published on your e-commerce site
  • Set up your autoresponder and check that your different reminder messages are well programmed
  • Use fewer fields in your registration forms. The fewer fields they have, the better they convert
  • Verify that the password reset process is working properly. This little detail can make you lose a lot more customers than you think
  • Offer many discount coupons
  • Create complete documentation on how to use your site (registration - order - partnership - appeal). Do not just limit yourself to the text, the video will be more effective.
  • Customize the confirmation message that each customer will receive after placing an order on your online store.
  • Add a testimonial page.
  • Add a contact / support page containing the phone number of your company, email addresses, and most importantly, a professional looking contact form.
  • Promote your online store on Google AdWords (be careful not to ruin yourself)
  • Clean up your customer list as regularly as possible.

So much for this non-exhaustive list of things to do to create an e-commerce seller site. As you can see, it is not enough to just install a beautiful shop, it should especially be designed so that it meets the many expectations of your prospects and customers.

In fact, it would take hours or even days to reveal the secrets of creating an ultra-selling online store. So for now, I'm going to stop here. I therefore give you an appointment appointment in the next article.

For the creation of your e-commerce site at low prices, I recommend once again the services of Discover the e-commerce offer of the site.

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  1. A rich article to follow step by step! Thank you for this precious sharing that I will follow scrupulously for the opening of my eboutique. I am planning a special online inauguration and I will be sure to invite you as a thank you. Thanks again !

  2. Hello,

    I would like your opinion on one point:

    Do you think it is better that the Home page of an e-commerce site leads directly to the shop or does it also work with a homepage + a shop button.

    The purpose of the site is to sell products and services. Below a link to a mock-up could you tell me what you think of the sitemap? This is a mock-up. The site will be realized with WORDPRESS and I did not realize all the pages.

    I look forward to your reply!

    Thank you very much,

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