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Is Blogging still relevant in a world of social networks

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"What is the relevance of the blog today in a world with multiple social networks? "

I must hear this question (or a variation of it) at least once a week. So, I thought I could create the debate on this blog in order to have your point of view on the issue. What do you think?

Personally, I think that the blog remains the best promotional tool (free) on the internet. In addition, it has benefits that social networks do not have yet. But hey, each option has its advantages and disadvantages and depending on your goals and resources (including availability and budget).

Why I think the blog is better?

Some of the main reasons I keep the blog rather than simply using social networks include the following:

1. if you self-host your blog and use a blogging platform like WordPress.orgYou will have total control over your blog, its design, monetization and the type of content you can add.

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2. a blog allows you a lot of freedom in terms of length of articles (unlike Twitter / Facebook which limit the length) and the design of your articles (for example, inserting images, subtopics, bolding, etc ... G + gives you only part of this control) etc ...

3. As long as you maintain and pay for your web hosting, it will always be available and no one will suspend or delete your account. On social networks, you are subject to conditions of use defined by other people.

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4. For me, the blog is the perfect place to live my passion through my content. Social networks are important only to find inspiration, share my content and build a community with my readers.

5. Much of what is shared and discussed on social networks is a set of links to content. I want to be the creator of this content.

6. From experience, I know it's easier to monetize a blog and make it a sustainable activity than on a social network account.

Note 1: there will always be exceptions to the above. For example, G + gives you some formatting options; I know that some people monetize social networks and etc ..., but in general, I think that the above is well conceived.

Note 2: I am certainly not promoting the blog. This is the only way you will choose between blogs and social networks. I use both at once, but if I only had to pick one (which none of us should do)I would choose the blog.

And you, what would you choose? A blog ? Your Twitter account? Facebook? Google +? I am curious about your choice, as well as the reasons for it.

Please use the comment section to let me know.

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