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The 8 essential qualities of a good blog post (in my opinion!)

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« Time is money As the Americans say. " Time is money ". So, if time is money, it's not good to lose it! Who of you would like to lose your money at all costs? Nobody would tell me.
Let me tell you, however, that there are those who lose a lot of money by wasting their time consciously and unconsciously.

Managing your time is one of the most important things to do if you do not want your life to go downhill instead of upward as it should.

In your writing, you must have in mind that those you have in front do not necessarily have all the time in the world to devote to your article. In other words, you must be able to make those who read you want to spend as much time as possible on your article, and move on to another, then to another, then to another, and so on.

For that, you must know what people are looking for in an article, and manage to give it to them, while also giving them the desire to come back, and then to be faithful.

These are often small diplomatic mistakes that can create big wars. You must therefore pay attention to the slightest detail while you are already serving the other. A mistake, some mistake, can push the other to frustration, with all that it can have as a consequence.

You must absolutely make an effort, in your articles, as well as in any form of publication on your blog, to bring maximum satisfaction to your reader. And to do this, you must know what people are looking for when they read you.

To help you in this way, I tried to elaborate some points that I look for when I put my eyes on a blog.

What I'm looking for (and I'm not quoting in order of importance):

1. originality

You should know that each blog must have its particular touch. On the same theme, the singularity will prevail. What will make me not go read the recipe for cream puffs on the blog " à côté "? Because the way you tell the preparation of cabbage cream gives more desire to make and eat than the other.

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The standard, the monotony, the incessant repetition of usual cannons will only flee the readers. It is true that there are fans of the great standard, the conservationists of the last hour, but it is what will make your particularity that will win you, and that will inevitably attract my attention and that of hundreds of thousands of others .

2. The quality

« Obviously! You would say. But it is not because the answer is obvious that the reality necessarily corresponds to it.
The quality of an article lies in certain things, like:

The quality and quantity of information presented

If I know for a fact that one plus one is two, and I see three As a final result on your site, the zappette will already be ready. The truth of shared information is something really important. Similarly, it is not enough to write 17 paragraphs simply to reach a quota of words; while in the end it will be to lose readers and potential customers.

If you can give enough information in an article, do not allow yourself to languish your readers too long on behalf of a series whose sole purpose will be to return them to the site and thus increase the number of visits and views of your blog pages ...


I will not ask everyone to use the language of Molière to explain how to break an egg and make an omelette for example, but it is really important for any blogger or editor to make an effort in the style. In addition, you must prepare for what awaits you in the future: meetings with cream, cream in your niche.

You should not have too many shells! Personally, I really like beautiful writing, a writing that is both simple and very fine (with the fewest possible spelling errors please!), but I like even more that each author has his own style, a style that will necessarily make it stand out, and that will make me want to re-read it again and again.

What is your style? A semi-directive language tinged with a certain dose of humor? Recurrent expressions like " See you soon ! "? I would really like to know a little more in the comments below.

3. The personality

Not to be confused with the style! It is true that the personality influences a lot of writing style, but it is essential that we feel the person who writes in your words. In simpler terms, it is important that your way of being is reflected in your publications.

You must know that it is also because of you, of what you are, of your way of being, writing, doing, that a reader can return to your blog. Personality is essential to any blogger who aims for success. It determines the receptivity of your articles, and is reflected in your responses to comments made about your publications.

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Be bellicose, with the most beautiful writing in the world, I'd rather eat cardboard than stuff myself with the legs you'll have to offer, until I find better than you.

4. Of the authority

You may say that it is no different from the personality, but I will tell you that I see a good difference. It is important that you be able to defend your claims so that others can accept them for real.
You must be able to say things with conviction and force, so that readers adhere to your mobility. A little firmness will not hurt in this virtual world!

5. humility

When I write, I like to say that I do not have the infused science, and go almost to " beg Both of them help me through their comments. The knowledge you have does not always come from enlightenment when you have just spent months of meditation. Much of what you know has been taught to you somewhere.

It is therefore fashionable, beyond the authority and charisma that you can identify in your articles, to show a little humility by avoiding condescending remarks about your vis-à-vis.

Those who read you are not empty heads waiting to be filled. They are lovers of knowledge who lend you their time so that your sharing is mutually fruitful.

6. Passion

You will still tell me that it is obvious as a point, but it is also the evidence that I like sometimes! Passion makes the reader want to read you, it makes the reader want to follow you, it makes him want to shake your hand, it makes you want to hug you!

Passion inspires the person in front of you. And when you get to the point where you start to become a living inspiration, you will not only capture my attention, but you will really give millions of people reason to believe in their dream.

7. love

Love is the greatest force of the universe. It is the feeling that unites. In this case, it unites the author and the reader. When I am in front of a text written with love, I feel it, and this love allows me to integrate the information that I receive with a joy sometimes blissful in reality, but it transforms especially each reading into a pure moment of happiness!

8. Of humor !

Eh yes ! By dint of reading me, you have certainly understood that I always arrange to put a touch of humor in each of my texts. It is simply because a little humor always relaxes the atmosphere, and gives a slightly simpler spirit to the sometimes very long articles that are published.

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Indeed, if the information you share with others is really important, try to relax the atmosphere so that the reading is more digestible, and those who like to laugh (like me) are also satisfied!

Well ! I hope I have been explicit enough in detailing a little bit of each point, and that I have not made too many enemies by saying certain things.

Come on, thank you for sharing with me what you like to find in the articles of others, or even in yours. I will integrate all that by reading your comments.

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