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5 Tips to Make More Sales Through Affiliate Marketing

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Using a blog to earn passive income through affiliate marketing is something most bloggers crave. Beginners especially see affiliation as a quick source of income and without investment. They think they just need to add banner ads in all directions on their blog and That's it. Normal, that's what they're told to try to sell them Magic formulas, formations whose sole purpose is to promote their owners.

But the truth is that you will never earn money through affiliate membership if you do not have any traffic, let alone if you do not have relevant and useful content. You will not be successful just because your blog is worth it or because your products are good.

Having products to sell is one thing, and knowing how to sell them is another.

This article will therefore focus on 5 things that you should consider before you start affiliating. And if you're already there, they'll tell you what you need to do to boost your internet income from selling other people's products.

Let's start with the first if you want it.

1. Become an expert in a niche
Contrary to what we are trying to make you believe, it is almost difficult to make money from affiliate if you have no expertise in the field you are blogging about. I want to prove the fact that when you do an internet search on a given subject, what you are looking for is not a site full of banner ads but the site of an expert in this specific area. Normal, we are all looking for experts.

Which means that if you are an expert in your niche, you will attract more traffic and gain more confidence, and all the products you recommend will sell much more than if you were not one.

So, how to become an expert in the niche on which you blog?

The first thing to do is to have a maximum of knowledge on the main subject of your blog. Better yet, you need a maximum of experience because "Knowing does not make you capable of doing". And yet as an expert blogger in your niche, most of your articles will have to show your readers how to do what they are trying to do. And that you can only know if you yourself have tried it (And not read).

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Give a lot of tips and practical tips to educate your readers and they will see you as an expert. Once they see you as such, to you, it will be easier to promote a product in affiliation ... And for them, It will be easier to click on your links because they will no longer see this link or banner as an attempt to sell them something but as an additional tool to achieve their goals.

The truth is that we are all ready to buy, but none of us wants to sell anything to him. Super-affiliates know it, and that's what makes them earn a lot of money through affiliation.

2. Create a product and resources page
Word of mouth is by far the best, the most powerful and the most effective form of marketing ... and it's free.

Having a blog with hundreds of relevant articles and thousands of visitors a day is not enough when you want to generate revenue through affiliation. You must also create a page that will group the best products you promote.

Since you have an expert reputation, your readers will trust your opinions and a page offering tools and training that you think are the best on the internet can only boost your monthly income.

Never recommend a product or tool that is of poor quality. Do not say that a product is good when it is not really. It's not just your reputation that's at stake here, but your financial future too. Just as word-of-mouth can build your fortune on the internet, it can destroy it in just a few days.

And if you do not trust any training, know that you can always create your own and add it to this resource page. BlogPasCher, can help you in this direction. We can take care of all the technical part and coach you in building a profitable blog. Contact us if needed.

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3. Write a review about a product
Product Reviews are a great way to include affiliate links in an article. Personally, I recommend that you never give an opinion on a product that you have not tested yourself. You must know all the implications, advantages and disadvantages of a product that you recommend to your readers. To succeed in affiliation, you must be honest with your community.

However, it is also true that you will not always be able to test all the products you recommend because you would need a fortune and 1000 hours ... Then how to do in this case? Well, you can always rely on the opinions of other users. And these comments, you can find them on discussion forums devoted to these products.

Have a clear judgment and do not think about the money you could earn, but the solution you will bring to the problems faced by some of your readers. It is also important at this point not to hide that you are an affiliate. A lack of transparency can cost you the trust of some of your readers.

4. Build your own mailing lists
A growing mailing list is essential to long-term success in affiliate marketing. You must have subscribers that you will raise from time to time with new products or existing products.

Just avoid bombarding your readers with daily promotions. Be smarter than that. Using an autoresponder such as AWeber will allow you to keep regular contact with your subscribers.

However, you must vary the type of information you share with them. The most regular messages do not have to be product promotions. What you need to send them most often is your articles ... so free content. It can also be ebooks and even free products. And this must be done in the most regular way possible.

You can not generate a lot of revenue if you publish one or two articles per month on your blog. There is also a good chance that you readers forget you. Only once this establishes can you insert your promotional messages. 1 to 2 maximum messages per month for (at least) a dozen free content is more than enough.

5. Advertising banners
Banner ads can be effective if they are well designed (Design and dimension) and well positioned. Size and location are decisive factors. You will need to do some tests to define the best dimension and the best location.

I'm talking about the best location because the banners are not only placed on the sidebar, you can also add them on the bottom of your articles, before the content, on the header or on the footer (but not at all these places at once).

Avoid large banners, as well as those with clashing colors. A banner should not "kill" the design of your blog. NO ! It must be able to integrate into it. So be careful what you add to your blog.

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As you can see, earning money through affiliation is possible, but not as easy as many try to make you believe on the internet. This is an activity that involves a lot of planning in the short, medium and long term. This is the only way to guarantee you a constantly growing income.

Do not be afraid to change things, do not be afraid to give yourself the time to learn, to experiment and to understand how things work. Do a lot of testing and invest a little money if you want to go far.

What do you think of this article? Feel free to leave a comment or share other tips that will allow other readers to make the most of this source of income.

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